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Monday, April 23, 2018

This vs That | Avon Anew vs Mary Kay Sheet Mask Edition

this vs that avon vs mary kay sheet masks (1)
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It's a battle of the ages... Avon in one corner, Mary Kay in the other. To non-beauty people (t seems they really do exist) both brands are basically interchangeable: women (for the most part) selling beauty products to women MLM style. True, but beauty people know there is more that makes the brands. Both do lipsticks remarkably well, but when it comes to sheet masks who reins supreme? I know, you could cut the tension with a knife...

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Love Letters | oNecklace Monogrammed Rose Gold Jewellery

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Happy Monday, blog fans! Okay, it might be Tuesday by the time you're actually reading this, so adjust accordingly... Day aside, hopefully it's at the very least decent. It's about to get a smidgen better, if you like rose gold at least. And really, who doesn't? Speaking of, have you seen the new Smashbox Petal Metal Collection? AMAZING! But let's get back on topic... Rose gold is just straight up gorgeous. I think we can all agree. I'll assume all heads are nodding in solid agreement. oNecklace, makers of an impressive range of custom jewellery, know the allure of rose gold. As such, they offer it as a finish on their sterling silver pieces. I am usually iffy about plating on jewellery, as you just never know how it will stand up, but having a few oNecklace pieces (and loving them) I decided to take a chance on a few rosy gems and am so glad I did.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Naturally Happy Hair | Garnier Fructis Hair Treat 1 Minute Hair Masks

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Remember when I said it was the season of hair products? I'm pretty sure I did... Anyway, we've got more hair care to chat about in the form of the cute little Garnier Fructis Hair Treat 1 Minute Masks. Okay, that's a lot of name for a little product, but these conditioning wonders do make for a nice hair pick-me-up.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Summer Pedi Prep | FarmHouse Fresh Pedi Delight Instant Pedicure Sampler

farmhouse fresh pedi delight sampler (2)
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So, it seems like Spring is going to be delayed... It started lightly snowing last night. You know, the cute, fluffy stuff that usually melts as soon as it hits the ground? Yeah, except it didn't melt. It accumulated. Ugh. I've been so ready for spring that I am not even going to deny that I'm a bit heartbroken . I was stashing away winter clothes, digging out warmer weather shoes... Is everyone else really tired of heavy winter footwear? As ready as I am to slide into something lighter and brighter, I know my feet are in need of a little extra attention. See where this is going?

Friday, March 30, 2018

The Low (Budget) Glow featuring Avon, Maybelline & Hard Candy

the low (budget) glow avon maybelline hard candy
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I LOVE highlighter, radiance boosters, glow serums, liquids, powders, creams... If it gives skin a glowy, radiant je ne sais quoi I want it.  I know I'm not alone, but I've come to the point in my collecting hoarding that I don't really need to spend a ton to get my glow on. Sure, I still do every so often (I'm weak...) but there are some excellent budget-friendly options out there, like these little gems from Avon, Maybelline & Hard Candy