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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review: Life Essentials Nail Polish Remover Dip

Acetone free and apricot scented

I have never used a "dippy" nail polish remover, but every time I go to grab a bottle of nail polish remover I see them and think I should try them. Of course I never do, but I did this time (obviously.) I picked these up at Shopper's Drug Mart for $4.99 and was initially going to go with the Sally Hansen ones, but these little guys came with 3x the optimum points, I couldn't pass that up.

You can see how mangled the acetone free sponge ended up.

For those who have never used, or aren't sure what a nail polish remover dip is, it is simply a sponge soaked with nail polish remover contained in a little jar. I picked up the acetone free variety and the apricot scented. I have been meaning to switch to an acetone free remover for a while now because it is more gentle on your nails and tends to be less drying than formulas with acetone. The acetone free remover was the first one that I started using, and I noticed right away that the sponge in the container was very soft and started breaking apart as soon as I put my finger in it. Also the smell is horrible. It has a much more concentrated chemical scent compared to your regular acetone formula. The apricot one however is such a great smell! To me it kind of smells like pez candies, if they came in peach.Also, the sponge is much firmer and you don't have to worry about being gentle on the container when you use it. Of course, to use the apricot version I am going back to an acetone based remover... smell wins. I will most definitely be buying this product again!


  1. Must Try!! ok, I really need to start a beauty blog too ;)

  2. You should try both! blogging and the nail polish remover, that is :D

  3. Hello

    i really liked this polish remover, but i have a question

    where can i find this product ?!

    thanks :D


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