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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Review: Skinn Colour Touch Eye Cheek and Lip Glow

I recently got this product in my Summer Beauty Bag . I have to admit that it was not really one of the products that I was overly excited about. Sure I like blush just as much as any other beauty junkie, but I tend to stay away from creme blushes mainly due the fact that they have a shorter shelf life than pressed powder blushes. I always have about a hundred of any product, so I can't always (usually never completely) finish a makeup product. I did however have the Stila Colour Push Ups and was pretty fond of that.

Anyway, the Skinn Colour Touch Eye Cheek and Lip Glow (I have Teen Tone) is a pretty highly pigmented creme blush. The texture is very nice, smooth and applies very easily. I basically only use it as a blush andI just use my ring finger to dab it on and blend it into my cheeks. It blends super easily and looks very natural. The colour looks really pink in the pot, like a Barbie type pink, but it goes on as the most natural fresh glow. I am very pleased with the both the colour and the quality of the product.

As the name implies, this product can be used on the eyes and lips as well. While I have had no luck using this product as a lip colour, due to the fact that it collects in the lines of your lips (no matter how much balm you use first or how soft and conditioned you lips may be) I have had success using it as an eye colour. I dabbed on some of the cream to the inner half of my lids and blended it out, then I defined the crease with a taupe-ish brown and finished with a dark brown liner (and mascara of course, but that was a given.) I didn't know if that type of pink would work for the eye area but it looked really great, kind of a neutral smoke.

Overall, I like the product. I can't really say if I would spend the $17 to purchase it again... there are so many other products to buy. But if I saw it on sale... who knows. Was worth trying anyhow.
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