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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

I have been using this product for a while now, and have been meaning to review it for some time. I moved it into the computer room, did its little photo shoot, and then never got around to reviewing it. Well, that stops now.

Tresemme's new Fresh Start line has two different dry shampoo products for different hair types. They have a foam for curly/dry hair and your typical dry shampoo spray for oily/straight hair. I have been using the oily/straight hair variety, so that is what I will focus on. I picked mine up at Real Canadian Superstore for $4, but average price ranges from $4.99 -$5.99. I was really interested in trying this product, as I had yet to try a dry shampoo and was wanting something to give my hair a bit of a refresher on the second day. Some people can go 2-3 days without washing their hair, but the longest I can go is 2. I have medium-longish hair and am always putting it up or taking it down so it gets oily around the scalp and where I tend to touch it. I wanted this product to refresh those areas in general and possibly give a bit of volume back.

When I first used this product I almost lost my lunch. The can states that the product is a "waterless oil and odour remover with mineral clay and citrus" hummm... needs more citrus. This product makes a horrendous (underline that, twice) chemical scented cloud that quickly took over my entire bathroom. It tastes terrible, as no matter how you use the product you are going to end up with vapours in your mouth. Eww!

So anyway, I dealt with the smell and taste and sprayed it on around the top of my head and around my hairline. I then flipped my head upside down to spray my roots to help re-volumize. I then left it to dry for a few minutes as instructed to by the can. You can tell when the product is drying as it starts to turn white. It is easy to see on my hair as it is a darker brown/caramel colour. I was a bit nervous at this point as I didn't want to have to end up washing my hair to get the white of the dry shampoo off. After a few minutes I started to brush the product out. It took a fair amount of brushing to do, but the lighter the colour of your hair the easier it will be for you. I suggest using an old brush, or one you can easily clean, as the product gets all over the bristles and leaves a white powdery finish. I just rinse my brush out and pat it dry.

Once I had the product all brushed out, I was really quite happy with the results. My hair looked not only clean, but it was also volumized and bouncy. The only downside, is that the product does kind of leave a dull finish to your hair, so you might want to finish it off with a shine enhancing product. Tresemme has one in their Fresh Start line, but I just use a spritz of my leave in conditioner spray and it takes away the dull finish. Overall, I like this product and will probably buy it again. The major downer is the smell/taste and the fact that there is no tinted product for darker hued hair.

Thinking of trying it? grab this coupon first and save $2. Has anyone tried this product? What did you think?


  1. Great review! as you know, I've been meaning to try this, but can't find it anywhere. I tried the coupon too from SC, but it has that dreaded coupon printer that I do not want to install.

  2. I have been meaning to do a review of this product - I agree with you on the dull finish but I guess it can't really get rid of the oil without getting rid of the shine too!

    best, Lisamarie

  3. @Justine
    Thanks! I'm glad you like it. That coupon installer is a joke. At least the product isn't expensive to begin with, but saving a few $ is always nice.

    Yeah, that's true. It is nice to be able to find this type of product more readily available on the market now and at a reasonable price.


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