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Monday, August 9, 2010

Great Mascara Round-Up: Week 1

Well, this week was crazy, as you can see by my lack of posts, but I was hard at work. Okay, so it wasn't hard, but I did it. For the past week, I used Cover Girl's Lash Blast Fusion as my mascara. All in the name of science.. er blogging?

So I guess I will start at the beginning (best place I suppose.) I bought mine at Pharmasave for $8.99. I initially thought it was on sale for $6.99 but someone put the sale flags in the wrong spot. Boo! The tube is purple (shows more blue in my photo) and is wider around than your average mascara tube. The brush is a bit different too: it isn't as tapered as your average brush. It has a more simplistic rectangular shape, actually it is pretty much the same as Avon's Super Shock brush. This brush also has stubby, short bristles. The brush made me a little worrisome as to how application would be, as I had terrible luck with Avon's.

Left: wearing Lash Blast Fusion Right: naked lashes

What Cover Girl says: "Use Lash Blast Fusion to get a blast of volume plus incredible length! It's the perfect fusion of Lash Blast's super-volumizing brush and buildable fiber stretch lengthening formula that will work together for dense, long looking lashes!" From package.

First off, forgive me for the bespectacled photo, but after trying a million different ways to get a good shot, I gave up. Then took one more just in case. I happened to have put my glasses back on at that point, and go figure, this was the best picture. As you can see I does lengthen and add a bit of volume too. I accidentally smudged it after I applied it, but it goes on nicely overall. I had no issues with clumping on the lash during application, but it started to make my lashes stick together rather easily, which one has to watch out for to avoid uni-lash. And as for the buildability, this mascara does not fair any better than your average, when I tried building it up on my right eye (the lashes are a bit shorter on that side) I ran into a bit of a mess. With one good coat though, there were no problems, and you can feel that the mascara has a smoother texture when you feel it (once dry of course.) Overall wear was good. I had very slight flaking a few of the days, but they were on the longest days I wore it and it was rather hot too.

All in all I would grade this mascara a B. It does the job okay, no real issues, but at the same time it wasn't fantastically wonderful either. My mascara for this coming week is Maybelline's The Falsies. Stay tuned for my results!


  1. I did a comparison of this and the regular lashblast on my blog, I didn't see much of a different between this and the regular lashblast, but it's still a good mascara either way.

  2. It's amazing it really work =)

  3. Dude this looks amazing!!!
    Be careful with the falsies!It almost left me 1eyed and I painted my eyebrows with it by mistake! :p

  4. I have heard very wonderful things about this mascara.Its a shame that its not for sale here in Finland

  5. Love mascaras! I can do without the lipstick or powder, but not without my mascara! The eyes are the windows to the soul, so gotta keep them pretty!

  6. its a great glad that you love it.enjoy

  7. Wow, Does seem to add that volume or what! Now I want one of my own (although I will still wait for your reviews on the other mascaras)!


  9. This mascara really pops up ur eyes. I mus try it too! Thanks for this!


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