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Monday, August 9, 2010

Joe Fresh Mini Haul & Review

I stopped in at Real Canadian Super Store today to pick up a few things, and of course I happened to pass by the Joe Fresh stuff. I also just happened to pick up a few things. The nail polish was almost all gone, so I passed on that, but I did have a look at the cream blush. Joe Fresh cream blush was selected as on of Chickadvisor's top 10 cream blushes and I thought why not take a little gander. I don't really need any blush, but I picked up the "nude" which is really close to colourless, but it has a nice neutral shimmer. Wait, is that possible? Neutral shimmer, seems a bit like an oxymoron really, but whatever. I bought this to use as a highlighter of sorts. I don't use highlighter, but after reading this tutorial I thought I might have to give it a start. I felt better spending the $4 on the Joe Fresh stuff as opposed to the $20 something for Benefit High Beam. At least if I end up not using it I'm not out much. As you can see from the swatch below, it does have a similar look to High Beam, but less intense.

Joe Fresh cream blush in nude

I also picked up a Joe Fresh lip gloss, another item I really didn't need but they had $2 off coupons (good until August 13th) so, you know... I had to get one. Regular price is $8, so I got mine for $6 which isn't too bad at all. I was tempted to go with nude as I have been on a nude kick lately, but I made myself pick something a bit different than my usual, so I went with sheer pink which is a sheer pink... go figure.

Joe Fresh lip gloss in Sheer Pink in tube and on lips

Actually, it isn't as sheer as I thought it would be (based on the name) but that is just fine, as I really like how the colour wears. The formula is a bit on the sticky side, but not uncomfortable. It is fairly long lasting thanks to the sticky-ness, but it is really hard to eat with it on. It just feels wrong. I took it off to eat and just re-applied it after. I like that it has a little brush instead of your typical sponge applicator, it gives it a nice touch and you get a bit more control.

And since I finished my scrub that I keep in the shower this morning, I took a quick trip down the cleanser/ moisturizer/ face aisle. I found this scrub that seemed pretty perfect for me. It is a scrub (love) that is made specifically for in the shower (where I scrub 85% of the time already.)

" In shower facial is specially formulated to work with the steam of your shower to clean deep down to the pores and lift away dirt, oil, and impurities leaving you feeling like you just got a facial. This formula with vitamin C, ginsing and an invigorating citrus scent awakens your senses to jump start your day." From tube. I tested a bit on my hand just to see what the texure and scent were like... teture seemed good, relatively grain (I hate a scrub that doesn't feel like a scrub) but the scent was reminiscent of the citrus scent bathroom cleaners have. That fake chemically scent. I hope when I use it in the shower it somehow smells a bit better. We'll see.


  1. I have one of the those cheeks's not on the website season, but it's a pinky/peach, it's nice.

  2. That shimmer looks interesting! Thanks for sharing.


  3. I haven't tried Joe Fresh makeup yet, but I tried the body products and like them. I used to live in Quebec City, where unfortunately I couldnt find any store that stock on them. I would have to wait if I go to my in-laws in Ottawa or my parents, near New-Brunswick to get those products. Might stock up during Christmas hehe. I like the gloss! I like pretty pink colors!

  4. I like the colour of the gloss and I have a similar scrub as well, but just a regular morning use one. Mine smells like chemicals too, but I put it up with it because I think the product itself is quite effective.

  5. i love Joe Fresh! the make up looks really creamy.

    i really enjoy your blog, maybe you can follow mine too

  6. hmm I would love to try out some Joe`s...

  7. The lip gloss is beautiful, but in my country can not find the mark: (

  8. I have never tried Joe Fresh cosmetics but they seem to be of decent quality and reasonably priced. I love lip gloss so that would probably be one of the first products I would try.


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