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Monday, August 2, 2010

July Faves

I hate to sound cliche, but I can't believe that July is over already. I thought that I would wrap it up with a review of a few of my favourite products of the month. I usually don't do these, but I love reading them on other blogs, so I should really do my own. Here we go:

I picked this brush up on a whim and I am so glad that I did! Before I used those wedges, I know, I know. I am one of the "greenest" people I know, but when it came to my foundation I used wedges. This brush is perfect. The handle is bamboo (go figure) and the bristles are made from a synthetic called Taklon, and they are super soft. Foundation applies like a dream; even and smoothly. I am really happy with this brush and will be buying others for my collection.

This is another product that I got in my Summer Beauty Bag from the Shopping Channel. The brand (100% Pure) is the first to use only fruit and vegetable pigments for their products. First off this mascara smells so good! It has a sweet fruity blueberry scent, which comes from the fact that a majority of the ingredients are fruit derived. Aside from being a natural product, this mascara wears really well too. It lengthens really well, which I was skeptical if it could work as well as your average non-natural variety does. Overall an excellent product. I had a tad bit of flakes by the end of the day, but it was very minimal, and with it being so hot, I don't blame the product. I will surely be trying out other 100% Pure Products in the future.

I picked this up during the last sale and am soo happy I did! Desserted Island is a Tahitian coconut and vanilla scented dream. I love anything vanilla, and am a cocnut fan too, so it was a no brainer that I pick this up. I did get the shower froth in the matching scent too. The mousse is thicker than your typical lotion, but thinner than body butter and applies well. It isn't greasy and absorbs quickly. I love that the scent lingers on your skin after applying too. 

This is a nail treatment for " severe problem nails" but I really just got it for one nail that keeps splitting near the tip. It was really annoying as I have always had strong healthy nails, and I always had to be careful not to damage it more. So I picked up a bottle of this treatment, even thought I didn't expect it to do anything. To my suprise it has works really well. I use it on all of my nails and they are all stronger than ever, and my one problem nail, is well... no longer a problem.

This is a great prodcut, that seems to be pretty similar to MAC Fix + Rose. Full review coming soon.

This was another spur of the moment purchase that was inspired by the clearance bin at my local Pharmasave. I almost didn't buy this, but I am really pleased that I did. Full review coming soon.

This is (in my opinion anyway) the perfect blush, especially for summer. I know a lot of people go with bronzer for their glow, but I have never been a bronzer type of gal. This creme blush is the perfect pink that makes you look fresh and dare I say youthful. See my full review here.

These two products are out of the Benefit to go Stay Put Set that I picked up from Sephora. Although I didn't start using this until the later part of the month I had to include it becasue it has quickly become a favourite. Stay Don't Stray primer in particular... amazing! Both products work so well! Full review and photos coming soon.

I originally went looking for Birthday Suit a brown based nude, but surprise surprise Shopper's didn't have it. My heart wasn't completely set on it, so I a made a compromise and went with Airy Fairy and pink based nude. I don't wear much lipstick, as I tend to be a lip gloss type of gal, but I have found myself drawn to lip stick lately so I went for it. I am really happy with the colour and the wear. More of a review and a swatch to follow soon.

Longest post ever?  What were your July faves?


  1. how big is the erase paste? I have that in full size and the packaging looks different. Great faves list! Love the ecotools brush too!

  2. I love ecotool brushes. They're so soft so affordable and so natural

  3. Good faves!:D

    Cake sounds yummy and moisturizing!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  4. @Justine
    Mine is the mini version (0.11 oz) which really isn't that mini considering full size is only 0.15 oz

    I know! They are going to be my new favourite brand!

    It is :)

  5. I'm really excited about the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure. I've been having the same problem since forever and nothing seems to work for me.

    Whenever I run into the product I'll try it!

  6. Ooo I'm trying to find that lippie ! The tester's always there, but the actual product is never there ! puu :(

  7. Great collection. I love natural cosmetic like july faves !


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