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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NOTD: Ballerina's Hot Pants & Girl Talk

Another nail of the day, I will be honest, not actually today's nails, but I had the photos of this look saved as a post for some time, I just had to put it all together. I spent the much of the weekend making zucchini bread. Ugh, the actual baking part is no problem, but shredding the stuff becomes torturous after a while. That and I have been reading such a great book (Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood) that I have spent every spare second I had trying to get to the end. Good book, meh ending. Any how...

Oooh, Shiny!

Some time ago, I picked up Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Strobe Light. I love the colour and full glitter look of it. I always say that cremes are my preferred nail polishes, but I have found that I love a full opaque glitter too. It has to be full glitter though... I don't care for the cremes that have suspended glitter. Continuing, I love the look of this on its own, but it chips like a mother. I wanted to wear it for a girl night, but I had to do my nails a bit in advance. I thought that if I used a non offensive background colour I could get the look of opaque glitter without as many layers, thus resulting in less chipping. Strobe light takes at least three or four coats to get a full cover, btw.

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure, Sephora "Ballerina", Sally Hansen Strobe Light

I used my Sally Hansen Miracle Cure as a base coat since it is so protective and works as an alright base. I followed that with two coats of what I am calling "Ballerina" by Sephora. The bottle doesn't have any name on it, but it looks like a colour I had once before that was "Ballerina." This is by far the streakiest nail polish I have ever had, but the end result is a nice pale, baby pink. After two coats of the Ballerina, the "Hot Pants" ie Sally Hansen Strobe Light. I used two thick-ish coats. To my surprise, the combination of the base colour and the glitter did give the illusion of opaque glitter without near as many coats. I topped everything off with a few coats of Essie To Dry For (not shown.)

So NOTD is done, onto the girl talk!

I think it is safe to say most of us have "fren-emies" and girls that we don't really care for but put up with for whatever reason. Yes? If you don't then you can stop reading this. Kidding. Anyhow, I was shopping over the weekend and while I was looking at some stuff (spray to keep my cat from scratching the new couch to be exact, little brat that she is) and I could tell that this girl wanted in where I was standing, so I was looking faster to get out of the way. That is when she starts mumbling to the person she was with about why some people are so fat... yeah, all while glaring at me. Now I have to say I am a totally passive person, and hate confrontation, but when I actually took the time to look at the girl, it turns out it is someone I knew in high school. I decided to stand up for myself, so I made a witty comment about her lack of an ass (she is totally ass-less, how she keeps her pants on I will never know.) and muttered that she was a, well that B word that we all know (and love?)

Now, for a few seconds after the encounter I felt totally empowered. But then I couldn't help but think I was just as low as she was, by ending on "that" word. Should girls, I suppose I should say women, use that word to describe each other? I would like to say that is not a word I use, but sometimes it just works so well...

I have to add that I was never actually friends with this person, but we worked on a school club together. I never liked her, but I was cordial, obviously she never cared much for me and our high school years are well behind us. What would you have done? Would you have stood up to the bully? Do you use the "B" word? Overall thoughts?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Review: Joe Fresh Blush - Plum

Ah blush! A girl's best friend. I have to admit that I used to underestimate the power of blush and rarely wore it. I have changed my ways. Even on days when I wear "no" makeup, you know the mascara and tinted lip balm kind of days, I still take the time to swipe on a little blush. A friend of mine in college told me I had "cheeks that should never be naked" Okay so he is gay, but he had a point, I am pale with chubby cheeks, and a tad of blush does wake up my look. Anyhow, on the product, shall we?

I picked this up at the Super Store when I was looking for the Joe nail polish. I have wanted a plummy, more violet hued blush for the fall, so when I spotted the Joe Fresh blushes for $6 I had to take a look. I picked up plum. If you haven't noticed Joe does not use any frilly romantic names when it comes to the products, they are what they are. This blush does in fact have a plummy hue, but it is not as violet toned as you would expect. I like that as I usually only use a bright pink toned blush, so this was a nice way to ease into another shade family.

The shade itself is a pink based plum and when blended it very natural looking, even though it does have a violet tint. It is a darker shade, without showing as dark on your skin and you aren't likely to get that dirty look one can get with a blush that is too dark. I think this could be a universal colour as I am fairly pale and it looks great, and the colour is defiantly bendable for darker skin tones.

The packaging of this product is simple, but effective and actually quite a high quality considering the price. The blush is in a clear plastic compact, but the plastic is very thick and durable and the compact closes very securely. You wouldn't have to worry about this getting banged around in a makeup bag or purse that is for sure. As for the quality of the blush itself, I am very impressed. The product is very smooth, and while it looked matte in the store, the blush does have the faintest of shimmer making apply smoothly and softly. It is super blendable and quite pigmented, but not so much so that it becomes difficult to apply.

All in all a great product! Right now there were not very many colour choices, but I would consider buying others. Have you tried Joe Fresh Blush? What did you think?

P.S It is beauty week at Haute Look! Get an extra $10 off on your order until Sept.29th with code "10OFFWELCOME"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: Joe Fresh Fall Nail Polish Shades

So this post took forever to get put together, but here it is. As you probably already know, I have been pretty pumped about the new fall nail polish shades that Joe Fresh released. I was all gung-ho to try them, only to be able to only get one new shade at my local Super Store. Anyhow, I did pick up three shades being Fig, Storm, and Prune as pictured above. Out of the three, Storm is the only new shade.

Fig- This is a take on a very popular shade right now, a greyed, dusty violet type colour. This is a creme, as the majority of most Joe nail polishes are, and applies with ease. This is two coats, but you could probably get away with one.

Sephora by OPI's Call Your Mother and Joe Fresh Fig in bottle

Call Your Mother v.s Fig on nails

When I was swatching Fig, it reminded me a fair bit of Sephora by OPI's Cally Your Mother a fall shade I picked up last year (or maybe the year before that?) I wanted the truer grey that was all the rage but they were sold out. Anyhow, as you can see the shades are defiantly similar, but Fig is more violet hued while CYM has more prevalent grey undertones.

Storm- Storm is kind of a chameleon like colour. It differs a fair bit depending on the lighting and while I was roaming around in the store, it started to look like the same colour as Fig, of course the bland fluorescent overhead lighting didn't help any... However,even when I got it on my nails at home, you can see similarities. Odd. Anyhow, this shade is a nice greyed brown. Mushroom-y actually, and just like Fig applied super easily. This is one coat!

Fig v.s Storm Not even close to similar looking here but in lower light you can barely see a difference

OPI You Don't Know Jaques and Joe Fresh Storm

When I was swatching Storm I couldn't help but think that it looked a bit like OPI's You Don't Know Jaques, which I bought in the summer but haven't worn yet. No time like the present. As you can see in the photo below, Storm has more of a grey tint while YDKJ has more of a milk chocolate colour with just a hint of grey.

OPI You Don't Know Jaques v.s Joe Fresh Storm on nails

Prune- This is a super dark purple-black creme. It is a bit hard to see the purple in this photo, but it is a very dark shade. To take this photo I was right up under a lamp and had my flash set to the highest level. This shade is nice, but I like a dark shade every now and then. It is a nice alternative to solid black. This shade has a thinner consistency, but only took two coats to get full opacity. All in all, you can not go wrong with Joe Fresh nail polish. They wear well, I had only slight wear after a few days, and they are so inexpensive ($4 each or 3/$10) you can collect them all.

Way to go Joe! Couldn't help myself on that one... sorry. Have you used any Joe Fresh nail polishes? What did you think?

Friday, September 17, 2010

NOTD: Avon Nail Wear Pro Urban Grey

Just a fast post today, as I am suffering from a major cold. I have been lucky, and haven't been sick in almost three years. My luck has ended.

I did a review of this (and two other colours that were new at the time) but my photos were less than satisfactory, and I know a lot of you were interested in this shade. This was introduced as a summer colour... not too sure why, but it is a light grey that stays light even with multiple coats. I have been waiting to get the Joe Fresh mid tone grey for fall, but it I haven't seen it on the shelf yet. So I decided to wear this for a while.

In the photo I have two coats and a top coat and you can see a bit of white showing, but in person it isn't visible. I liked that this went on easily and streak free. All too often light white tones tend to end up a streaky mess. Again, like most Avon polishes, this took forever to dry, but overall I like this polish both in colour and wear. I have gone five days with no chips. I used Avon Nail Experts Adhesive Base Coat and Essie To Dry For as my top coat (love that stuff!)

Okay, I have to go back to bed... over and out for now!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Yves Rocher Vanille Noire Eau de Parfum

Yves Rocher has recently introduced a new scent into their Secrets D'Essences line. The new scent is Vanille Noire aka Black Vanilla for those who failed French class, a new take on your traditional vanilla scent. Being a major vanilla fan I was super pumped to try it. Last time I placed and order, the full size bottle was not available for purchase, but I did snag a free mini bottle (as shown) it is just too cute! It is a mini replica of the full size and even comes in a mini box just like it's momma does.

On to the scent: First off if you aren't a fan of sweet fragrances, you don't have to worry. This is not another sweet take on vanilla. Don't get me wrong, as a Pink Sugar fan I love a sweet scent, but this vanilla is a warmer more grounded scent. As the name suggests, this is a darker vanilla, truer to what you would get from a real vanilla pod. This scent isn't singularly vanilla though, it has some depth thanks to the layering of three unique vanillas: the sensual, leathery notes of Vanilla Bourbon Absolute, the sweet and floral Tahitian Vanilla Absolute, and Ugandan Vanilla Absolute with its spicy, woody character.

Vanille Noire family: eau de parfum, roll on, shower gel, and body lotion

I have only been using this for a few days and I have to say it is going to be a favorite for a long time. I have found that while the scent lasts on my skin for a day or two it does fade a fair bit, so reapplication is nice for that extra oomph. It is a nice touch that they have introduced a purse size roll on version for on the go application, along with the basic shower gel and body lotion. I have already ordered a bottle of perfume and body lotion. I love Yves Rocher perfumed body lotions! They scent is very full and you can still get a boost of fragrance without even layering the perfume.

On the Canadian Yves Rocher site the perfume was selling for $69, but I see now it is on sale for $39 and all of the "extras" are discounted too. I always wait a bit when they launch something new as it always goes on sale. Are you a vanilla fan? Will you be picking up on this fragrance?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Buys of the Day

I had a ton of piddly "running around" type of stuff to do today, and I actually got it all done! Of course I managed to sneak a little personal "me" shopping in too.

I finally got into Chapters to pick up Rusell Brand's memoir "My Booky Wook" and I ran into the superstore just for Joe Fresh nail polish, only to see that they only have two of the new fall colours out. They couldn't even be sold out yet as they don't even have a designated area for them yet...bummer. Out of the new colours, they had brick and red-y brown and storm a grieg-y colour, I ended up getting fig (from last fall I think?) storm, and prune a dark rich purple. I also picked up a Joe Fresh blush in plum. Swatches and reviews to follow soon.

And last, but not least a fast swing into Dollarama for office-y supplies and I picked up a sleeve of those giant clicky-clack clips. Not sure if I will ever actually use them, but for a $1 might as well try them.

Over and out for now!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review: Avon Healthy Makeup

Sorry about such a non-descriptive title, I know what you are thinking "What is she going to do review the whole line?" Well, yeah, actually I am. Avon has just introduced a new line of, well... "healthy makeup." Again, not very descriptive... but I'm getting there.

What is healthy? A new colour collection designed to enhance the key signs of healthy skin - Avon literature

The main components of the line are:
  • Hydration: moisture helps keep in essential nutrients so skin looks fresh
  • Texture: smooth, silky skin allows colour to go on evenly and look naturally flawless
  • Radiance:radiant colour makes your entire look come alive

Avon Healthy Makeup Mousse Foundation and Liquid in Light Beige

The first product of the line that I tried (and was most intrigued by, as I have been on a foundation kick as of late) is the Healthy Makeup Mousse Foundation and Liquid Foundation SPF 10. The mousse foundation is a reformulation of their former Radiant Lifting Foundation Mousse, which I used to use regularly. Each of these foundations is made with a triple vitamin and antioxidant complex that is enriched with pomegranate and apple.

The mousse foundation is just that, a creamy mousse. I was really impressed with this product as it applied really easily and was really blendable. At first I applied this with a foundation brush, as I have a "thing" about putting my fingers into a product, but I find that I needed to use my fingers to get perfect application. I apply it with the brush first, then blend by hand. It seems like the warmth of your skin and hand makes it "melt" on. This foundation was great in the fact that it smooths right over dry skin and is also the right consistency for normal skin. It is a foundation that looks more natural as it blends on instead of just sitting on your skin. It is a light to medium coverage that is easy to build in areas where you may need more cover.

This kind of hard to see (click to enlarge) but you can get a bit of an
idea as to how the product applies.

I also used the liquid foundation, which unlike the mousse, has SPF 10. The liquid version also has the slightest amount of sheen almost like a micro-micro shimmer to it. I have seen quite a few new foundations that have this and I am not too sure what to think about it. It is supposed to give you an added glow, but you can't see it on your face (which is good) and I'm kind of wondering if it does anything at all. Other than my uncertainty on that issue, I am pretty pleased with how this foundation performed. It blends out super easily, and like the mousse I found the colour match to be perfect. All in all this foundation was great, it is slightly thicker than most liquid foundations and is also a light to medium coverage. It was easy to build in areas where I need a bit more cover and it did not look overly applied or cakey. The only real issue I noticed was that the top on the bottle is not makeup bag friendly. I went to put it in a bag, and realized that the top turns way too easily. I don't usually store my products in a makeup bag, but that would be a major downside to buying if you do.

Healthy Makeup Eyeshadow in Iced Mocha

What would foundation be without a bit of eye colour? Exactly. There is only one eye product in this line, and it is a reformulation of the Beyond Colour Lifting Eyeshadow. I have never used that product, so I can't compare, but I will say this product was not one that I was really into trying when I saw it. First off the colours look very frosty in the book and on the model, so I stuck with a neutral. That and the fact that a lot of cream eye shadows crease so fast and they are always so cold when you apply them!

Luckily for me, neither of those concerns came true. The eyeshadow colour is not nearly as frosty on as it looks. The colour I got is a neutral brown and it has a slight shimmer, but nothing over the top. This eyeshadow applies with a sponge tip applicator, the same type found in most lip glosses, and is a bit... messy. I found that too much product stays on the applicator and thus makes it hard to apply neatly. I ended up putting a bit of the product on my finger and blending it on that way annnd it wasn't cold, I can't stand creme eye shadows that go on cold. Nobody wants cold goo on their eye. No? Once I figured the best way to apply it, I was pretty happy with it. The only downside was that it is difficult to add a darker colour to the crease. I tried applying a similar, but darker powder brown and had some issues... while the creme sets as to what feels like a powder, it is still tacky thus making it very hard to apply a powder neatly on top of it. This is a nice colour to use across the eye and finish with liquid liner though.

Healthy Makeup Lip Conditioner in Clear and Berry

The last addition to the Healthy Makeup family are the lip products. I say products since they have both Healthy Makeup Lipstick SPF 15 and Lip Conditioner SPF 15. I didn't get any of the lipsticks but I did get two of the conditioners. Usually lip conditioners are only a clear or neutral shade, but this line has four colours in addition to clear. I chose Berry as my tinted option, and I have to say I am not impressed with the colour. In the book Berry is a nude purple shade, but in real life it is a red colour. Apparently there was no mistake, but the colour in the tube is nothing like the swatch in the book.

Berry Healthy Makeup Lip Conditioner

Getting past the colour issue, I like this product. It is formulated with vitamin A, E and B to moisturize and protect chapped lips. If you aren't a lipstick fan, the tinted options would be a great choice as they feel light on and pretty much just like lip balm. I got the clear to wear under lipstick, and while I like it, there is really no difference between it and your average lip balm, so you really don't need it.

All in all I like the products in this line and I can see myself re-purchasing the foundations. I have to note that as a seller I was able to get these products before they are available for purchase and at a discount. However, that did nothing to change my opinions and my review is

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NOTD: OPI Jade is the New Black

I know, I am being a bit lazy with another nail of the day, but with my giveaway ending soon I have a lot of work to do tallying up entries and checking links and what not, since I want to get the prize to the winner pronto.

So today's nail of the day is the most stunning green ever to land on my nails. Yes, ever! I would seriously consider marrying it if the option was presented. I picked up OPI's Jade is the New Black over the summer from Spa Boutique, a great Canadian e-tailer, but I never got around to actually wearing it. As you might know I can't stand chipped nails, and when my Sally H gunmetal was getting unruly this afternoon I decided to switch it out for this fab colour. This colour is the creamiest mid tone green that isn't too dark nor too light so it can transition into almost any season. I love that like many OPI polishes one coat is pretty much all you need. Can you believe that the photo above is only one coat?! Save for base and top coat, and my ring finger, it has two coats because it was a bit uneven. The photo is pretty much spot on the true colour you get once applied. I can't say enough about this colour. I highly suggest picking it up if you are a green fan, even if you aren't... try it. It is just that perfect!

Annnd... if you haven't already, make sure to enter my giveaway. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM Eastern Time zone. Make sure to check back later, as I am going to hustle to try and announce a winner before I go to bed!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

NOTD: Sally Hansen Gunmetal

First fall nails of the season! I picked up a few bottles of Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear over the summer but two were darker shades, so I have waited to use them, but with today's weather (and the forecast for the next week bringing more rain) I thought it was fall-ish enough to bring them out. I know, it isn't officially fall yet, but oh well. Anyhow, the two darker colours I picked up were Emerald City a beautiful dark emerald colour and Gunmetal a well... gunmetal colour.

This colour is a tad more blue than the average gunmetal and you can't see the slight sparkles in person as you can kind of make out in the photo (click to enlarge.) This polish applies really well and I was able to get a fully opaque and (mostly) streak free finish in only two coats. I love gunmetal and I think I will be wearing this one a lot. Wear so far has been alright, other than the strip I took off of my right pointer finger, which was more so my own fault ( I was peeling broccoli.)

I never hesitate to pick up any Sally Hansen colours that catch my eye, as I have never had any major misses and really, she is a classic and the prices are always reasonable. Have you used this brand/colour? What's your favourite colour for fall?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

August Faves

Can you believe fall is just around the corner? This is where some would add that they are sad summer is almost over, but I happen to be a fan of fall. I love wearing layers, deeper saturated colours, sweaters, crisp cool air. Yeah, I like fall. Anyhow, I love the end of the month in beauty blog world because it means monthly favourites. I love seeing what everyone else is using. So what did I frequent last month, you ask?

AG Saturate Intense Moisture Glove: August brought me the gift of dry skin. Particularly dry hands. I have had this moisturizer for a while, and will admit it can be a tad greasy, but it moisturizes sooo well. And, it has a great orangey, vanilla-y sweet scent that is just perfect.

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara: This was one of my "Round-Up" participants and my favourite of the bunch. See review for more details.

Cake Satin Sugar Refreshing Hair and Body Mist: I acquired this last month, but didn't really use it much. I love how this stuff smells! It has a light lemony cookie scent that is so perfect. I like to spritz it on my sheets before bed. And of course it is nice as a hair refresher. I flip my hair upside down and spritz this on and it brings it back to life, especially useful on second day hair.

mark. Lipclick in Sweetie Pie: I got almost all the colours in the line, but this has been my most used so far. I liked the light pink hue, as it isn't so light that it is hard to wear, but light enough to be a change from my normal lip colour.

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender: I don't think I wore any other colour this month (except maybe clear every now and then...) Don't be fooled by the name of this one though, it is a lavender shade sure, but more like if a baby pink and a baby lavender had a baby, that baby would be this colour. I love it! It is easy to wear and I get compliments on it all the time.

Essie To Dry For Top Coat: I don't know how I lived without this. I bought one of these when Shopper's had all their Essie stuff on for $6.99 (as opposed to their normal $8.99) after trying it, I had to go back and get a couple bottles more for my nail drawer. This top coat dries super fast and sets your nails along with it. Such a time saver.

Marcelle Liquid Eyeliner in Very Black: Not too much more to say other than I love it. It is so easy to get a perfect line, you really don't have to worry about messing up.

Joe Fresh lip gloss in Sheer Pink: This gloss wears quite well and I found myself going back to it time and time again, also the colour went really well with mark sweetie pie lipstick, and I rarely wear lipstick without gloss so a match made in cosmetic heaven.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme: You can't tell from the photo but I am hitting pan and it won't be too long until I need another pot of this. It is just that great. Along with my August dry skin came the accompanying August dry cuticles. I use this product all the time, but I used it pretty much daily. It is an oil based product so it can (obviously) be a tad greasy, but it absorbs well and gets the job done. You can also use it on any other dry areas (elbows, feet and what not.) And it smells bright and lemony too.

Benefit Creaseless Eyeshadow in R.S.V.P: This is the perfect accompaniment to black liquid eyeliner. I like the neutrality and the shimmer all tied together. And it really doesn't crease!

Really though, my favourite August purchase was not beauty related (unless you count the pretty pink paint job...) but it was my mini fan! My office area where my desktop is (where my product photoshoots and photo editing takes place) has no real air flow and it can get pretty stuffy. This little guy was a mere $8 at Giant Tiger. It is virtually silent, and provides a seriously strong breeze considering how small it is.

What were your faves last month?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Great Mascara Round-Up: Week 3 and Final Review

Well August is over and thus my "Great Mascara Round-Up" is too. If you aren't in the know, I "challenged" myself to use a different drugstore brand mascara each week. Week one I used Cover Girl LashBlast Fusion. Week two I used Maybelline's The Flasies. And for the last two weeks I have been using Revlon's Grow Luscious. I decided to use it for two weeks since it claims to lengthen your lashes, and I figured one week wouldn't be enough to determine if it could do it or not.

"Get lashes that not onlylook instantly longer and lusher, they will also grow stronger day after day." From package

So onto the goods. I wasn't too sure what to think about Revlon's Grow Luscious as I had been reading very mixed reviews and really didn't believe that the product could make my lashes grow as it claims it can. When I first opened the tube, I was a bit surprised as to how large the brush is. This stuff has one of the largest brushes I have ever used. It is an old-school type wire bristle brush, but boy does it work well. I was happily surprised by how long this mascara made my lashes. Out of all three this mascara lengthened the best* straight off the bat. I loved how easily this mascara layered. With some, you have to act super fast to get that second coat on before you get tarantula legs, but this mascara was smooth sailing during application and I was able to take my time applying it. The brush was a bit too big, in my opinion, as it lacked a finer tip to get into corners and get all the itty bitty lashes. This mascara wore really well too. It has been quite hot the last little while and heat and sweat can sometimes bring out the worst of even the best mascaras, but this stuff held firm. It didn't flake or smudge and removed cleanly and easily.

Both eyes wearing Grow Luscious
You can see a more even length on each eye

As for the claims that this product will make your lashes longer and stronger... I was initially a skeptic ( I play that part well.) But I think this product might actually be working. The lashes on my left eye have always been a bit shorter than that on my right, and I find that some mascaras only make the difference more visible, but since I have been using this mascara I can see less of a difference in length, making me think that it is actually working.

I would say that this was my favourite mascara out of all three, but none were out right terrible and I would recommend them all for their various qualities.
Have you used Revlon GroLuscious? What did you think?

* Please keep in mind nobody is the same and what works for me may not for you, and the above are merely my opinions :)

Joe Fresh Fall Collection

Joe Fresh has produced a delightful fall nail collection consisting of eight colours and a matte top coat. At first glance these shades are not exactly what you think of as "fall colours" but I like the injection of colour through the fall instead of all neutrals and brown hues. I have to say, I love them all but really want to get fog a medium gray, orchid a grape-y plum and moss and army green, olive type shade.

From left to right (as pictured)
  • fog
  • orchid
  • jade
  • brick
  • matte top coat
  • caramel
  • Parisian blue
  • storm
  • moss
These are a steal at $4 each or 3 for $10. Joe Fresh products (clothing, cosmetics and beauty) are available at retailers under Loblaws umbrella. I know I plan on snagging a few of these. Which shades will you be on the look out for?

Also new to the Joe Fresh line is the Five Minute Face Palette. For a mere $20 you have everything you need to create a day or night look. Palette includes:
  • Four eyeshadows in: pale pink, bronze, espresso, and midnight
  • Cream lipstick in plum
  • Lipgloss in mauve
  • Blush in pink
  • Bronzer in tan
I have only tried a few items from the Joe Fresh line, but I have been pretty happy with the quality and wear. Have you tried any Joe Fresh products? What did you think?