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Saturday, September 4, 2010

August Faves

Can you believe fall is just around the corner? This is where some would add that they are sad summer is almost over, but I happen to be a fan of fall. I love wearing layers, deeper saturated colours, sweaters, crisp cool air. Yeah, I like fall. Anyhow, I love the end of the month in beauty blog world because it means monthly favourites. I love seeing what everyone else is using. So what did I frequent last month, you ask?

AG Saturate Intense Moisture Glove: August brought me the gift of dry skin. Particularly dry hands. I have had this moisturizer for a while, and will admit it can be a tad greasy, but it moisturizes sooo well. And, it has a great orangey, vanilla-y sweet scent that is just perfect.

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara: This was one of my "Round-Up" participants and my favourite of the bunch. See review for more details.

Cake Satin Sugar Refreshing Hair and Body Mist: I acquired this last month, but didn't really use it much. I love how this stuff smells! It has a light lemony cookie scent that is so perfect. I like to spritz it on my sheets before bed. And of course it is nice as a hair refresher. I flip my hair upside down and spritz this on and it brings it back to life, especially useful on second day hair.

mark. Lipclick in Sweetie Pie: I got almost all the colours in the line, but this has been my most used so far. I liked the light pink hue, as it isn't so light that it is hard to wear, but light enough to be a change from my normal lip colour.

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender: I don't think I wore any other colour this month (except maybe clear every now and then...) Don't be fooled by the name of this one though, it is a lavender shade sure, but more like if a baby pink and a baby lavender had a baby, that baby would be this colour. I love it! It is easy to wear and I get compliments on it all the time.

Essie To Dry For Top Coat: I don't know how I lived without this. I bought one of these when Shopper's had all their Essie stuff on for $6.99 (as opposed to their normal $8.99) after trying it, I had to go back and get a couple bottles more for my nail drawer. This top coat dries super fast and sets your nails along with it. Such a time saver.

Marcelle Liquid Eyeliner in Very Black: Not too much more to say other than I love it. It is so easy to get a perfect line, you really don't have to worry about messing up.

Joe Fresh lip gloss in Sheer Pink: This gloss wears quite well and I found myself going back to it time and time again, also the colour went really well with mark sweetie pie lipstick, and I rarely wear lipstick without gloss so a match made in cosmetic heaven.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme: You can't tell from the photo but I am hitting pan and it won't be too long until I need another pot of this. It is just that great. Along with my August dry skin came the accompanying August dry cuticles. I use this product all the time, but I used it pretty much daily. It is an oil based product so it can (obviously) be a tad greasy, but it absorbs well and gets the job done. You can also use it on any other dry areas (elbows, feet and what not.) And it smells bright and lemony too.

Benefit Creaseless Eyeshadow in R.S.V.P: This is the perfect accompaniment to black liquid eyeliner. I like the neutrality and the shimmer all tied together. And it really doesn't crease!

Really though, my favourite August purchase was not beauty related (unless you count the pretty pink paint job...) but it was my mini fan! My office area where my desktop is (where my product photoshoots and photo editing takes place) has no real air flow and it can get pretty stuffy. This little guy was a mere $8 at Giant Tiger. It is virtually silent, and provides a seriously strong breeze considering how small it is.

What were your faves last month?


  1. I love that opi nail polish, the entire hong kong collection was awesome in my opinion. You make me want to try that revlon grow luscious mascara, I am a mascara hog!

  2. Nice faves and that is one cute mini fan!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. @Justine
    I love the ones I got too (thanks to your swatches!) I have a mascara "problem" too lol :D If you do get it, pick it up at Wal Mart, they have bonus packs with a Revlon eyeliner.

    Thanks! :D

  4. Wow!!! I love Mark lipclick!!! is an amazing lip colour.!!

  5. That OPI nail polish looks gorgeous!
    & I love Burt's Bees cuticle cream (^_^)

  6. I also use Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme daily, it's great!

    The Joes fresh lipgloss looks yummy!

  7. hoho i got my mum that OPI Lucky Lavender, but have yet to use it.. shall steal it from her and try out. and that mini fan is so cute!!!

    my favorites for August will be my MAC Sheer Peach Blush. hehehe

  8. I love that benefit eyeshadow (L)

  9. I love the pink nail polish OPI :D


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