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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: Mark Super Flip Colour Kit

Super Flip Colour Kit and box

I know, I proclaimed a freeze on all eyeshadow purchases here some time ago, but when I saw this little guy, I just had to try it. Anyway, it is half lip gloss so does it even count?

This palette is a new item that mark. is releasing in it's Holiday line up, and I was able to snag one before they came out in the books/website. This is one sleek little compact. I have to say that I usually don't buy this sort of "kit" type palette because there usually looks like too many colours I would never use, and I like to have control of what I get, but this one... well it didn't look too bad (more on the colour selection later.)

palette open

This palette comes in a very giftable silver box to match the palette top. It is so shiny you could use it for a mirror, but of course you don't have to as the palette does have a very good quality mirror inside. I was very impressed with the quality of the packaging. I am especially in awe over the super easy to read index on the bottom of the palette. I forgot to get a photo of it so you are out of luck, but they have been very nice to include an index of shade names. That is particularly nice of them because most of the eyeshadow and lip gloss shades in the kit can be bought in full size from mark.

In mid flip

Why is it called flip, you ask? Well then, my friends, this neat little guy well... it flips. One side has your nine eyeshadows while the other side has your six lip glosses and three lip colours (ie lip stick, just off the stick.) There is a little frame that goes around the pan area, and by lifting the bottom edge you can flip it over. It is pretty neat. I like to store it with the eyeshadows up, just because I think it will keep the lip products from drying out and keep them off of the mirror.

On to the goods!

Top row:
  • glitterati a shimmery silver, but no actual glitters, as the name would have you to believe
  • dusk a shimmery dark taupe with the tinyest silver shimmers and a hint of gray
  • cushy a shimmery creme colour, with a hint of gold
Middle row:
  • pool an aqua green with a hint of shimmer
  • java a medium coca colour with a hint of shimmer
  • fairy dust a medium golden shade with a tint of peach, very pretty
Bottom row:
  • sepia a matte deep brown
  • piccadilly a matte deep eggplant colour
  • edge a matte charcoal
Eyeshadows swatched on primer

The overall quality of these shadows is pretty good. Better than I was expecting actually... They are smooth and easy to apply with a brush. They have little to no fall out when applying, I say little only because the lighter shimmery top row shades did leave a little bit behind. The matte shades are a nice pigmentation, without being too pigmented and hard to blend. I like that you can get a range of depth depending on how much or little you blend them out. "Edge" in particular is a versatile shade as you can use it to give a bit more depth to a neutral look by applying it lightly, or build it up to a darker black tone for a smokey look.

I like how the palette is organized too, the top row are good for highlighting, the middle row are good as an all over eye shade and the bottom row make for good crease and liner shades. Pigmentation is much stronger than I expected which is always nice. When I first swatched a few shades on my arm I was seriously wondering about them, but a bit of primer and you have full colour pay off.

I have to give them applause for including the matte options, all too often you end up with a palette that is all shimmer and you end up needing other shadows to get a full look. With this, you have everything you need to create a full eye in one place. Selection wise, I can see myself using pretty much every colour, except pool (the aqua shade) it is a pretty colur in the pan, sure, but it isn't the type of colour for me.

On to the lips
Top row:
  • oops a cotton candy semi sheer lip gloss
  • bitten a plum semi sheer (it looks brown in these photos, but is a very nice plummy shade)
  • cutie a nude semi sheer gloss with a hint of pink
Middle row:
  • pop a shimmery fuchsia pink semi sheer gloss
  • wow a shimmery bronze semi sheer gloss
  • prima a shimmer taupe-y pink semi sheer gloss
Bottom row:
  • lucky a nude tone brown with a hint of mauve lip stick(very pretty on)
  • plush a true nude lip stick
  • wild a strawberry red lipstick, not as intense as it looks

Lip gloss and colours swatched on bare skin

I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality of the lip glosses and lip colours in this palette. I think everyone at some point has had a kit or palette that came with rock hard lip products that were mostly wax and good for absolutely nothing. Not a worry here. The glosses are very smooth and creamy. They apply really easily with a lip brush and you don't have to fight to get it out of the pan.

While I like the all of the colours in the palette I do with that some of the lip glosses had a bit more colour, particularly "oops"
and "cutie". The colour shows up, but a bit more would have been nice, since the shads themselves are perfect. The gloss is nice, it is only slightly sticky and lasts okay, but like most lip glosses you need to reapply more often to keep the colour there. I do have to add that the middle row looks super glittery in the pan, but on the lip is very natural and only a tad shimmery. The lip colours (or stick-less lip sticks) are very creamy and non drying, actually they feel like lip balm on. They have buildable coverage, and have a pretty good long lasting wear.

All in all I am quite pleased with this palette and can see myself using it a fair bit. It will be available in the mark magalog (campaign 22/23) for $20 and if you buy now you get a free "make it big" mascara. Will you be picking up this palette? What is your favourite "all in one" kit or palette?

*note: I received this item at a discount from the company, but my reviews are honest and all my own.


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