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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review: Vapour Organic Beauty Elixir Lip Gloss

As you can see, I took a mini blog-cation. I have been so busy lately it is disgusting... and my little blog has suffered, but I have a few itmes lined up for the next while and am super excited about what I snagged on sale the other day. I'll give you a bit of a teaser: a Benefit item for $5.99. It totally made my day.

But, you'll have to wait to see that, for today I have a little (and yes it is little, both the post and the item) lip gloss that I have come to adore. I got this in "Enigma" a violet type plum shade, that Summer Beauty Bag the Shopping Channel had during the summer (go figure!) but just recently started using it.

"Elixir Lip Glosses help provide a shiny healthy pout. Your lips instantly feel moisturized and nourished. Elixir's non-petroleum gloss has been made possible by a completely non-chemical process that combines castor oil and beeswax in a new way to help create superior body and shine. Elixir Lip Glosses help revitalize, hydrate, and nourish with Vapour Organic Beauty's lip specific infusion. It contains Organic Lemon Balm, Myrrh, Iceland Moss, and Green Tea."- from website

First off, this gloss isn't sticky on your lips. Not even a bit. Granted, your hair will still stick in it. It is light in texture and on the sheer side, but adds enough colour that you can wear it on its own. The shade that I have is one that I would probably have chosen for myself, had I had that option, as I find that violet-mauve based shades work for me, but this wears less purple-y and more like a pink tinted with a touch of purple, which could be flattering on almost any skin tone. It has a sweet slightly fruity scent, but it isn't sweet to the taste, so no need to worry if you are prone to be a "licker." I have been wearing this gloss quite a bit lately, and while I like it a lot, my lips seem to be dry. I don't know if it is just my lips, or if the product is contributing to it.

While I got this as part of a kit, this gloss sells on the Vapour webiste for $20 US and is available from The Shopping Channel for $22.50 CAN. I find the price a tad steep, considering the tube is not as big as your average gloss. While I like this product, I can't see myself repurchasing it, but I would try other products by the brand.

Have you tried this gloss or anything by Vapour Beauty? What did you think?

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