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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crest 3D White Challenge Results

Do you remember this post?
For those who don't and can't be bothered to click the link, I decided to put Crest's 3D White toothpaste and mouthwash to the test to see if it could really whiten my teeth in 14 days. I know, it has totally been longer than that, but I was down with a monster cold. I did remember to snap my photographic evidence however, I just didn't get it posted for all of you (my lovely readers!)

On to the results!....

Dull, sad, nibblers

Oooh! Look at those pearly whites!

A difference! I was totally skeptical of Crest's claim that the product(s) could whiten in 14 days, but I am honestly shocked at the difference in the photos. In real life I couldn't really see a difference, but wow. I took my after shot in the same room as my before with the same camera settings and lighting to try and get the best photos.

Even without seeing such visible results, I would still recommend these two products (see original post for more thorough review.) I liked that the mouthwash in particular left my mouth feeling extra clean and the minty-freshness lasted longer than any product I have ever used... even longer than Scope Outlast.

I do have to note that I do not smoke (never have) or drink much coffee. I do have a serious tea habit mind you. I thought that I should note that, as the product states it removes surface stains.

Have you tried this product? What did you think?


  1. wow that's pretty good results. My issue with these products is I jump around so much and am not consistent in what I use, you gotta use this regularly to see proper results.

  2. @Justine
    That's usually my problem too, and, that after a while I forget what my teeth looked like before and just end up assuming the product didn't work.

  3. Awesome results! I loooove Crest products. I have bought the Advanced Whitestrips several times and they work wonders. I need to take this challenge because I haven't whitened in quite awhile!

  4. Wow, this totally worked for you! Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  5. @spifftiff88
    I tried the advance seal strips too, but they made my teeth too sensitive. I liked how well they stuck though.

    No problem! I am surprised at how well it worked!

    I know! I love my new white teeth :D

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