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Friday, November 26, 2010

Review: Clarisonic Mia

The boxes... exciting!

My Mia arrived! It actually arrived Tuesday, but I had posted so many hauls I thought I would wait to post anything about it until I had actually used it. I have used it and I love it!

For those who aren't quite sure what I am babbling on about Clarisonic is a little hand held device that uses the same sonic technology that is used in sonic toothbrushes, except it cleanses your skin. They have a few different versions, the Mia being the less expensive, slightly smaller version.

The Mia, charger and user guide

"The essential first step in your daily skin care ritual, Clarisonic Mia is a professional- caliber brush that uses gentle sonic micro-massage action to cleanse deeply. Mia gently clears pores without harsh abrasion or chemicals, cleansing so effectively that skin care products absorb better. Results include 6x more makeup removal than manual cleansing, reduced appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and improved skin tone." - from User Guide

Mia and all the goodies (savings card not shown)

I ordered my Mia (in Kelly Green) from the Shopping Channel when it was a Showstopper (meaning a one day only price) and got a few extra goodies included. Along with with the standard cleanser that always comes with the Mia, I got a replacement brush head -regular. The Mia comes with a sensitive brush head on it to start, two extra cleansers and a $20 savings card for the Shopping Channel.

I was very excited to get it all charged up and try it out. Of course, as with most electronic gadgets, you were supposed to let it charge for 24 hours before using, but it was charged enough for me to get a go the first night. They must have been expecting eager people like myself.

"This Cleansing System uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth your skin. In just 60 seconds a day, the Clarisonic micro-massage action cleans more than twice as effectively as manual cleansing."- from The Shopping Channel Mia Description

In hand, for size reference.

That's right, not only does this little gem get your face far cleaner than you ever could it only takes 60 seconds. I was a bit skeptical on my first use, so I did two rounds, but it really does only take 60 seconds. I have only been using mine since Tuesday and I don't know how I ever went about without it. I have already noticed a difference in the feel and look of my skin. My skin feel softer and my "problem" pores are far less visible. I have always had pores on the large side, particularly around my nose and my chin, but they have already reduced in size. As a result, my makeup applies easier and my dry areas are pretty much a thing of the past.

Although this is a smaller size and the body brush heads don't fit it, you can use the Mia on your body too. I took mine in the shower this morning - did I mention it's waterproof too? The whole thing can be submerged in water!- to use it on my neck and behind my ears as I am prone to dry skin in those areas. Even after one use I have noticed a difference on my neck. I like that you aren't limited to the Clarisonic cleansers either, you can use any cleanser of your choice as long as it does not have jagged exfoliating particles (like shell) but it can be used with soft exfoliating cleansers (like the bead varieties.)

I can't say enough about how thrilled I am about this product. While the Mia is a less expensive (av. price $160) alternative to the original Clarisonic (av. price $250) , it is still an investment - in my opinion anyway- but if it is something you can afford, definitely go for it.

Do you have a Clarisonic? Would you purchase one?


  1. Hehe omg what a coincidence! I received my clarisonic a day or two ago too and was going to post about it tonight!! Hahaha although mines just finishing it's last couple hrs for chargin so I'll get to test it out shortly! I can't waitttttt! Congrats on your Mia! :)

  2. Did you order this from TSC on the day they had the Showstopper? My mom ordered me one for Christmas that day (I kinda made her lol) I'm so excited you like it now I'm so excited to get mine too! Love the colour! :)

  3. Looks like I might have to check this out! Thanks for the great review!!

  4. I love my Clarisonic! After only a few uses I too noticed that my skin was smoother and my pores less visible. My skin feels so much fresher and cleaner. Using the Clarisonic is part of my daily routine now.

  5. oh i really want a clarisonic! i might have to buy this as my holiday gift to myself. i'm glad it is worth the money.

    Please enter my Lanvin, Jewelry, Makeup & Nail Polish holiday giveaway.

    i'm going to check out your giveaway now.

  6. @xAgnes
    Thanks! Congrats on yours! I am sure you will love it... I posted a comment on your post so this is doubled up, but oh well. Happy cleansing :D

    @Shaylee Anne
    Yeah, it's from TSC. Exciting, you're getting one too! I am sure you will love it. Do you know which colour you're getting?

    @Alluring Bath & Beauty
    You're very welcome :)

    A big cheer for Clarisonic! I am happy to hear you adore yours too. I don't know how anyone couldn't though!

    Ooh I love a giveaway! I will for sure check it out thanks!

  7. We are so glad you love your new Clarisonic Mia! We love to read our fans thoughts and see all the fun colors you choose! Thanks for the great review and keep up the good cleansing! Cheers!


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