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Friday, January 7, 2011

NOTD: Grey Gardens & Deals of the Day

Two posts in one today, seeing as neither part is really very substantial I thought I might was well merge them. First up, a nail of the day. Before Christmas I finally found the fall shades of Joe Fresh nail polish that I had been wanting, but I already had dupes of most so I just picked up Fog a medium grey. I was originally just going to do a basic grey manicure, nothing fancy, but I thought I might go for a focal nail. It started with a coat of Cover Girl Boundless Colour Top Coat in City Lights and then I went crazy and made a little flower of craft rhinestones. And the catchy name is all me. Grey because, well its grey and gardens for the flower.If you haven't seen either the 1975 documentary version or the HBO version with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang, you should. No, must. It is such a sad but lovable story.

Onto my deals of the day...

I went into Shopper's today because the new flyer has L'Oreal's new Magic Smooth Souffle on sale (15%) but I forgot that the flyer doesn't start until Saturday. I ended up picking it up anyway at $21.99 since 15% off is only a few dollars and I had a $10 savings card from the day before. Of course I couldn't take a peek around though. I didn't find anything all that inspiring sales wise, until I found my beloved clearance section! They had taken it down right before Christmas, but it's baaack. There were a ton of really great higher end foundations, powders and goodies but they were all in really dark shades and no good for me. I did however get two OPI Nick's sticks for $1.99 each that are regularly $10.99 or so. I had a third but it looked just like a Sally Hansen shade that I picked up last week so I passed. I also got a Nichole by OPI in Too Rich for You for $2.99 that regularly goes for $11.99 and a super cute Paul Frank Lip Smackers in Julius' Red Raspberry for $1.99. All in all not too bad. Reviews and swatches to come soon.

P.S I also noticed that the new Cover Girl Nature Luxe is on for $14. I will probably stop back in next week to pick one up, they were out of the second lightest shade today and it is just my luck that that is what I usually wear.

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  1. Wow good finds!

    I miss Shoppers! Went during Christmas, but the one I went didn't have a clearance section :(


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