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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plastic Fantastic...a Collective Haul

I love my debit card, I really do. It was busy the last few days... just stocking up on "supplies" really. I should work at Shopper's, I have been in there so many times the SA just smiles at me and leaves me be because she knows I am prepared and know exactly what I want, she probably also knows I make a direct B line to the clearance bin. I have no shame in that, on occasion you can find superb items. AS usual, click images for full size and swatches of everything to follow soon.

I only went into Shopper's to spend $20 for the friend event promotion. I spent a wee bit more than that but I did get two items I've been spying. Earlier in the week I saw the Cover Girl Nature Luxe Foundation on for $14.99 but by the time I went back it was already back up to $17.99. I picked it up anyway and got a Nature Luxe Gloss Balm in Hibiscus too, since I had a coupon for extra points when you bought both. The selection on the gloss is a bit sparse already, I was looking for the colour Taylor Swift had on in the promo photo, but they didn't have it. Also snagged: Nicole by OPI polish in Oy Oy Oyster (from clearance) and Revlon Colour Burst Lipstick in Mauve.

When I got home from Shopper's my MAC order was waiting patiently for me at the door. I ordered a Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in light/medium and a Kissable Lip Colour in En-Chantee. I was originally just going to order En-Chantee and Woo Me, but I am up to my ears in nude lip wear, so I went for the MSF that I have wanted for quite some time. So far I am smitten with both.

Annd, last but not least, Avon came in. Since I see the book all the time I pretty much have all the Avon one could want, but they just came out with illiuminator pens (much like YSL) so I had to get one to try it out. My mom ordered the sterling silver Claddagh ring for herself, but decided she would never wear it and gave it to me. I have always wanted one, so I was very pleased.

This should keep me occupied for a while! Did you pick up any new items?


I turned away from my "photo shoot" for two seconds and calico-zilla had taken over.


  1. Great haul :) love everything that you have bought.

    lol, your cat is so cute ^ ^

  2. haha my cats do the same thing.

    I want those kissable mac lipgloss thingies, but I know I should be good and not.


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