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Monday, February 28, 2011

Review: Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel in Metallic

I picked this up a while ago, during my "Perplex" hunting days but never got around to trying it out. It has sat on my little bathroom shelf just waiting for it's turn. It has made for a good ring holder, but I thought I'd better give it a try before it got too depressed and tried to jump.

Revlon's Top Speed line claims to dry in 60 seconds, but I found that this shade failed. I applied one coat waited a minute (as directed) and then a second coat. I then gave my nails at least 3 minutes. Surely that would do it? No, when I was reaching for the camera I smudged my thumb nail and during my photo shoot, my pinkie. By that time my nails had at least 8 -10 minutes drying time. I haven't tried any other shades from this line, so the poor drying speed could just be a glitch in this shade.

Metallic is a silver metallic with silver micro shimmer. The polish itself is on the thicker side, so I had to be careful to apply thin coats as I think this would end up looking thick on the nail quite easily. The formulation this line claims to have a top coat built into it, but the nail polish still feels a bit soft once dry, so I would recommend taking the time and using a good top coat with this anyway.

Overall, I like the shade, formulation is just okay; it definitely did not live up to the fast drying claims. I have seen some great shades from this line, so I would try others.

Have you tried any Top Speed polishes? What did you think?

Review: Revlon ColorStay Blemish Concealer

It hurts to spell colour without the "u" but that is what is on the tube...Anyway, Revlon ColorStay Blemish Concealer has become my go to face concealer. I say face concealer because I have found that I like a darker shade for around my eyes, but the darker shade doesn't always work on my face and due to the fact that it contains salicylic acid (more on that later.) I have this is "light" and it blends into my skin tone perfectly.

"Exclusive ColorStay formula with an active blemish fighter combines superior coverage with healing benefits." -from box

As I briefly mentioned above, this product contains salicylic acid, but only 0.5%. So, really, it will not heal your blemishes on its own. It 0.5% is something, sure, but it is not strong enough to stop a blemish in its tracks. It can be helpful, but it should not be your only plan of attack. Also, that is a pretty good reason to avoid using this around your eyes. Acid + eyes= bad. Just a general rule of thumb.

This concealer comes in a 0.21 oz/ 6.2 ml tube and includes a sponge tip applicator. I both loathe and like the applicator. I loathe it because if you are applying onto active "blemishes" you are just spreading bacteria and then putting it back into the tube. I love it because, it's fast and easy to apply. I usually use the applicator to put a dot on my finger or concealer brush and apply that way. I find that since this isn't a very thick product, I like to apply it and let it dry a minute or two then pat it on over the area I am trying to cover. By giving it a bit of time to dry it thickens just a bit and gives for a better coverage.

Overall, I really like this concealer. The price is a tad steep for a drugstore concealer though, I paid $17.99 which is totally cringe worthy considering it was supposed to have been on sale. If I saw this on sale I would repurchase, but for the price I could upgrade to a better brand for just a few dollars more.

Have you tired this concealer? What did you think?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Review: Avon Nailwear Pro in Shocking Blue & Electric Green

For those who might not know, I sell Avon. It isn't the most lucrative endeavor, but I've come to amass a really great customer base, and well... I love make up so it fits (the discount isn't too bad either.) Having said all that, I'm not a huge fan of Avon's nail polish. Of course that doesn't stop me from getting the odd bottle or two, but I find it takes sooooo looooong (yes, that many 'o's are necessary.) Their polishes are big 3 free, and in the past few years they have really upped their game and put out some great shades. For spring- although they look more like summer shades- they have introduced four brights: Shocking Blue, Electric Green, Vivid Violet and Powerful Pink.

I don't wear a lot of purple polish and I found that Powerful Pink looked to close to others I have in my collection so I passed on it and the Vivid Purple. I have been really into blues and greens, so I had to go for Shocking Blue and Electric Green. The blue and purple shade of this collection are a unique finish, they aren't glittery, but thy have a micro shimmer and a hint of a duo chrome meets jelly thing going on. The green and pink are basic cremes.

Avon Nailwear Pro in Shocking Blue

Well, they sure didn't mess around when they named this guy. I applied it in bed, and once on I thought "Well, it's nice, but I just don't see what makes it shocking..." That was until I saw the next day in proper light. I love the colour, it's a bright cool blue with micro shimmer. The finish is almost like a jelly, but not quite. If that makes any sense...I thought that I would have a hell of a time with application because the first coat was so watery, it looked like I was trying to use watercolours to paint my nails with. Surprisingly the second coat brought it up to almost 100% opaque. In the photo shown I have three thin coats on. Drying time was better than my other Avon polishes, which is a major plus, but I still used a drying top coat to speed it up.

Avon Nailwear Pro in Electric Green

Unlike Shocking Blue this didn't live up to it's name. It isn't an electric green to me at all, but I do love the colour. I class this as more of a mature kelly green, or an acid green, which happens to be one of my favourite colours. Oddly enough, I didn't have a green like this in my collection. This is a basic creme, and applied quite similarly to Shocking Blue. The first coat was quite thin, but by the second coat it was almost perfect. I ended up with three thin coats.

Wear was better than I expected with these... Avon claims that they will last 10 days with normal touch ups. Huh? I had chips and tip wear by day three, which for me is pretty good. I usually have to touch up any nail polish by the second day. I am hard on my nails and have never gotten 10 days wear out of any nail polish.

Overall these are great shades and I am really happy with them, especially since they were $3.49 before my discount. If you get the Avon book, the new shades are available in campaign 6 at $3.49 as well.

Have you tried Avon's Nailwear Pro? What did you think?

$2.99 China Glaze From Glowing Beauty

From now until Thursday Feb.24th Glowing Beauty is offering a bottle of China Glaze for $2.99! Use code 299POLISH, one per person, per address. Note, offer only applies to over 200 China Glaze "coloured polishes" so no treatments or what not.

What shade will you grab?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inque Giveaway!! *CLOSED*

Yesterday, I posted about my fabulous new Inque nails and that there would be an upcoming Inque giveaway to follow. Well, this is it! The fine folks at Inque have provided me with two sets ($30 value) of skins for one lucky reader!

L-R: Kissable Flowers 2 & Custom Clouds

The winner will receive one set of skins in my custom design "clouds"and one set in "Kissable Flowers 2" from Inque's design selection.

How to enter:
  1. Be a follower. 1 entry
  2. Leave a comment with "enter me!" and your favourite type of manicure. Along with some way to contact you if you win (blog link or email) 2 entries
Want extra entries?
  1. Tweet this "Enter @all_the_words Inque Giveaway! Win two sets of nail skins" 2 extra entries. Include link to tweet in your comment.
  2. Post the giveaway photo and link on your blog. 3 extra entries. Please include your blog link with your comment.
  3. Leave a comment on any other post on this blog. 1 extra point.
Winner will be chosen using on March 12th. Open internationally to anyone from anywhere, but ff you happen to be under 18 please get your parent or guardian's permission before entering.

Good Luck!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Review: Inque Nails- Initial Thoughts

I posted last week about Inque nails here, and today my order arrived! I have been so excited to get these, I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning when I saw the parcel in with my mail.

When I opened the package I was greeted by my beautiful skins. They are glossy and vibrant and the images look perfect. Two of the designs I ordered are from their library of designs, but I also made a custom design (the clouds.) It is super easy to make your own custom design, all you need is a high quality image, upload it into their design maker, adjust to how you want it and voila!

Since I just couldn't wait, I had to try a set pronto. The skins come with full colour instructions and a coarse nail file. To apply you start by removing any nail polish you might have on and thoroughly wash and dry your hands. Then you apply the skins just like stickers. I thought that it might be hard to get them on, but I had no problems. It was a tad harder getting them straight on my right hand (I'm right handed) but you can adjust if you need to. After they are on you pres them down and file the tips until they are flush with your nails. Then comes the heat! You simply warm them up under your blow drier then apply pressure for 5-10 seconds. I was a bit paranoid that I hadn't warmed them up enough, so I did it at least three times. If needed, file them again and you're done. All in all the application process was super easy.

"Kissable Flowers 2"

I've only had them on for a couple of hours, but they feel aright. At first you could feel that there was something different on your nail, but the feeling doesn't last too long. They look great, even thought I did take a tiny chunk out of my left pinkie (it's barely noticeable in person.) I can't say much for wear yet, but they claim to last up to a week on fingernails and up to two weeks on toenails, so we'll see. I have high hopes that they will make it a week. I'll update in a weeks time.

All in all I am very happy with Inque's nail skins and I would definitely order again. They normally go for $15 a set, but you can currently get five sets for $30 which is a pretty fantastic deal.

Would you be interested in trying Inque? Be sure to check back in the next couple of days for details on how you could win two sets of your own!

Disclaimer: Product was provided for purposes of review.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sale Alert: Mario Badescu on Haute Look

Starting tomorrow select Mario Badescu products will be available at discounted prices on Haute Look. I have been super happy with pretty much everything I have tried by them and I definitely recommend the Orange Tonic Mask and the Aloe, Herb and Rosewater Facial Spray.

Also coming up on Tuesday, Rock and Republic Beauty. I haven't tried anything by them, but I have seen a fair bit about their blush. Would be a great time to give them a try!

Will you be shopping?

Review: Garnier Moisture RescueRefreshing Gel- Cream

Yesterday, I reviewed the cleanser from this line (here). Today we have the Refreshing Gel-Cream. I have combination skin that tends to be dry with a few areas that tend to be quite dry so a good moisturizer is a must. I kept getting samples of this in magazines, and after trying it out I thought I should give it a go.

Gel- Creams are usually recommended for those who don't need a strong moisturizer, but I like that they have a light feel on and they don't irritate my skin. Since I am combination, I find that I can only use heavier moisturizers on my dry areas or I end up breaking out, and that just isn't fun.

"Enriched with revitalizing Grape Water Extract, this oil-free formula helps to maintain skin's moisture barrier and protects skin from external aggressors, like the drying effects of the sun and wind." -from box

This moisturizer, while called a gel-cream is much more a gel than a cream. Out of the few gel- creams I've used, this seems to be all gel. The moisturizer light to the touch and has a light fresh scent. The scent isn't harsh, but could be bothersome to some. The moisturizer feels almost like water on the skin and absorbs quite quickly. I can feel the difference it makes on my skin immediately after I apply it. It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized but still clean and fresh. Some heavier moisturizers leave me with an almost dirty feel because they are heavy on the skin, but this moisturizer is actually refreshing and light.

Overall, I am very happy with this moisturizer. I have started using a light night cream with it before bed to deal with my extra dry spots and wish that this had SPF, but for the price of about $15 this is a great alternative to higher end brands and I can see it being something I stick with for a while.

Have you tried this product? What did you think?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review: Garnier Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam

Up for review today we have part one of a set of Garnier Moisture Rescue reviews. Today I'll be reviewing the Fresh Cleansing Foam and will follow up with the Refreshing Gel-Cream tomorrow. This line also contains Lightweight UV Lotion SPF 15, but I haven't tried it.

I am fast and loose when it comes to facial care, and rarely ever use matching products, but I wanted to try the moisturizer from this line, and I happened to see the cleanser on sale. A sign perhaps? I obviously ended up with both products. I have some sort of Garnier homing magnet and always seem to walk away with Garnier when I head out to try something new. Signs aside, I almost passed on this cleanser due to it's name: Foaming. I tend to shy away from foaming cleansers for the most part, as the ones I've tried never seemed like they were strong enough to leave me feeling fully cleansed. Fortunately, you can't judge this cleanser by it's name.

"Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam helps maintain moisture while deeply cleansing. Skin is clean, refreshed and feels smooth to the touch." from tube

It's called a Cleansing Foam, but it has the thick type of texture you would expect from a hydrating cleanser. I really don't know why this is labeled as a foam. I have tried using it on my Clarisonic and manually and have had no foaming, a few bubbles, but definitely not anything close to what I would call foam. That is okay by me though, since this cleanser does get the job done well. Like I said it is thick and looks almost like it should be piped on top of a cupcake, and it needs a fair amount of water on your face and hands to get it going, but it leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped. I find that it does take a bit of work to get it rinsed off however. It rinses cleanly once off, but because it is a thicker texture it takes a few passes of the ol' face cloth to get a proper rinse.

As for the moisturizing aspect of this cleanser, I can't say that it added any moisture back to my skin, but it didn't strip anything away. After cleansing and drying my face it felt comfortable and not tight or dried out. It isn't a replacement for moisturizer by any means, but it is helpful in keeping your natural moisture intact. This product also has a light slightly floral apple-ish scent that isn't really harsh, but is noticeable, which might be irritating to those with super sensitive skin.

Overall, I liked this product, but I'm not certain it it will be a repurchase for me. I like to keep my routine fairly quick and the added rinsing and worrying if I got it rinsed off well enough is a bit of a hassle. Based on everything else though, this is a great cleanser and at about $9 it is an affordable alternative.

Have you tried this product? What did you think?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cake "A Berry Decadent Collection"

I was born in the 80's and as a proper 80's child I have a love of quite a few famous characters of the time: Garbage Pail Kids, Care Bears, and of course Strawberry Shortcake. I was extremely fond of one Strawberry Shortcake "movie" in particular. I say movie, but it was an episode of the show that they had on tape (ie VHS) at the place we used to rent movies from. I don't know what it was called, but it was my hands down fave. Strawberry Shortcake ended up having to rescue Strawberryland (where she lived, duh where else would she live?) from a terrible mud monster of sorts. It never got much critical acclaim, but it was cinematic gold to me. It got to the point where my parents wouldn't let me go into the rental place unless I promised I wouldn't pick that movie. Anyhow, I was super giddy when I spotted Cake's new Strawberry Shortcake Collection!

"It’s been 30 sweet years since Strawberry Shortcake burst onto the scene with her trademark strawberry-scented toys and wide array of products. Today, Strawberry Shortcake is as popular as ever proving tha
t sweetness is a universal virtue and sweet scents are timeless. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of this iconic brand, Strawberry Shortcake has teamed up with Cake Beauty to launch the first ever Cake Beauty Strawberry Shortcake Collection.

When Strawberry Shortcake is not running her Berry CafĂ© in Berry Bitty City she has been found collaborating with Heather Reier, Founder Cake Beauty. The result? One berry decadent bath and body collection infused with notes of warm vanilla cake, cream and fresh strawberries – of course! Reminisce & indulge."
- from Press Release

So exciting! The products:

Decadent Bath and Shower Suds
$22 CDN) ($20 USD) - This berry sweet and decadent body blend is whipped with nourishing coconut oil and vitamin E to promote healthy skin while you cleanse. Lather yourself in the sweetest scents of nostalgia!

Decadent Hand Creme
($20 CDN ) ($18 USD) - Nourish your hands with this rich and berry decadent hand creme. Whole milk, marshmallow extract, shea & mango butters work to soothe and smooth leaving hands delightfully soft while sweet scents of warm vanilla cake, cream and fresh strawberries leave a light & cheery scent to uplift your day!

Decadent Body Butter
($24 CDN) ($22 USD) - This delightfully decadent body butter is designed to put a smile on your face and a youthful glow on your skin. Nourish your skin with this wholesome blend enriched with mango butter, aloe vera, coconut & sunflower oils. Celebrate sweet times with Strawberry Shortcake and indulge.

Creamy Lip Butter
($12 CDN ) ($10 USD) - A moisturizing, sheer lip butter rich in shea butter, pure coconut oil, aloe vera and orchid complex. Nourishes, moisturizes and protects lips leaving them dewy, soft and natural. How berry delectable!

Available from Cake and Sephora starting Feb.15th and HBC, Independent Retailers and Sears starting March 15th. Were you a fan of Strawberry Shortcake way back when? Will you be picking up any items from this collection?

*All photos and product descriptions are from

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New and Noteworthy....

A few odds and ends here really, and I thought that I might as well smoosh it all into one post instead of piddly little ones. I guess I ought to do the new first...

This is going to be (or already is) on every blog, but I had to post anyway... MAC has introduced their new Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick and Lipglass. The shade(s) look like great, wearable colour(s) described as "a light warm beige with an Amplified finish" -lipstick and "seductively pale milky-beige"- lipglass.

Like all Viva Glam products, all proceeds go to those living with HIV/AIDS. Will you be picking this up? I love the colour, but I am trying to be good and not spend. If you will be ordering, use code GAGA for free shipping, good through to Feb.20th

On to the noteworthy, I got my email earlier in the week that I had a Naked palette ready for me, but I didn't order one. I'm still on the fence.... but at least now they are back in stock online and will soon be available in stores as well. They are the "new" ones which come with a brush not the dual eye liner. And yes, it does come with the mini Primer Potion. I know there was a bit of confusion before.

Will you be scooping any of these goods up?

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder

Today's review is the follow up product to yesterday's review of the Fit Me Foundation. Like the foundation, I wasn't overjoyed with this product, but it's not terrible either. I was a bit iffy if I should get it as many reviewers have had issues with oxidation and darkening and general shade problems. I am pleased that I didn't have any such issues.

I bought the same shade as my foundation- 120 Classic Ivory, and the shade is the is a perfect colour for me and blends over my foundation with no issues. I found the product to be pretty similar to MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish, but not as fine and with less coverage and no shimmer. The powder is quite smooth, better than other drugstore brands I've tried. Granted MAC's MSF is light coverage, this powder is lighter still. Colour wise, my MAC MSF in light medium is almost identical to Fit Me 120. I have read some reviews where testers have stated that they thought the pigmentation of the powder is too light, which kind of baffles me. I subscribe to the school of thought that your powder should be light and I tend to got for transparent powders. Powder should be used to set your foundation, not add more coverage.

While powder is a part of my every day routine, I have to be careful of which ones I use and how much due to patches of dry skin. I can happily say that this is one powder that I can apply without hesitation, as it didn't get caked up. I don't think that this would be a great choice for you though if you are prone to oily skin though. I don't really fall into the oily category, and I rarely (like super rarely) need to touch up my powder, but this powder didn't last as long as most do for me. I wasn't full on oily, just not as matte as when I first applied it.

As for the packaging, it is in a stylish square black compact, but the product is round. The top level of the pan lifts to house the powder puff (not even a puff- a powder pancake) underneath and a mirror. As I said, I don't tend to use powder much throughout the day, so for me I don't need the mirror in the compact or the useless puff, but if you do use it on the go it is handy. They should give you the option of purchasing it without since it is so much to just throw out.

Overall, this powder is okay and I could see myself repurchasing as it is smooth and didn't give my dry skin any issues. Have you tried this powder? What did you think?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Like the majority of new products, Maybelline Fit Me was introduced in the United States before it was available in Canada, and when it was finally here, it was only available at Wal Mart. I was ready for it though, and showed up bright and early, coupon on hand (yes, I really did have a coupon) on the first day of the sale, only to find out it hadn't come in yet. Fast forward a week or so and two more visits to Wal Mart and still no Fit Me. I finally gave up, but to my surprise (and delight!) found it at the Real Canadian Superstore. Today for review I've got the foundation and tomorrow I'll follow up with the pressed powder. There wasn't much selection in the concealer or blush - well one shade of blush isn't really any sort of selection- so I passed on those.

I'm not really sure why there was so much hype over this line... I will say upfront now, that it really wasn't that warranted. I have amassed a fairly large Maybelline collection, so I have a love for the brand, but this line wasn't particularly different from anything I've tried in the past.

"Flawless lets the real you come through. Beyond matching; fresh, breathing, natural skin. SPF 18." - From website

I have to give kudos for the SPF, I think all foundations should offer at least SPF 10. I use a moisturizer with SPF 30 before my foundation, but it is nice to know that there is a little bit of protection in my foundation if I happen to skip it. I do call BS - bull sugar- on the claim that this is "beyond matching" however. The tiny in store display had shades that started at 110 and got progressively darker in increments of 10.

Fit Me 120 dabbed and blended

I usually am the second lightest shade, and based on the display 120 was just that, and it happened to be the same name as all my other Maybelline foundations so I assumed a match. Not exactly, while it is wearable, it isn't quite right for me, it's a bit darker than I need. I probably could have done with shade 115 -the true second lightest shade- but chances are it would be a bit too light. I feel like I'm probably more of a 118- no, it doesn't exist, but I imagine it would be perfect for me!

Maybelline Classic Ivory comparison

While on the topic of shade, I've included a comparison of two other Classic Ivory foundations from Maybelline. I first got the Mineral Power and find that the colour of that is pretty much perfect for me, so when I picked up the Super Stay I a few weeks after that I grabbed the same shade. I have noticed that the Mineral Power is the lightest of the bunch, with the others to have a slightly darker appearance on my face. I tried to get swatches, but they keep coming out all looking the same, which doesn't really prove my point does it?

Anyway, onto wear. I like that this foundation feels a bit lighter on, and that it didn't give my any major hassles when applying on my dry areas. It didn't apply as easily to my dry areas as I thought it would have, based on what I had read in other reviews, but it did fare better than other formulas. For me I got pretty good coverage one the majority of my face, but I don't have a lot of "issues" to cover. I have some acne/ chicken pox scarring under my chin and around my neck that is harder to cover, but I know I'll always need a concealer for added coverage. However, I would say that this foundation falls on the side of lighter coverage due to it's lighter consistency.

Overall this foundation is okay. I probably wouldn't buy it again, because it wasn't a perfect fit for me and there are so many other foundations out there to try, but at the same time I wouldn't say don't try it. Confused much? The price is lower than a lot of comparable foundations - I paid $8.99 - and there are coupons around, mine was for $4 off. At $4.99 it was worth trying.

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think?