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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Review: Avon Nailwear Pro in Shocking Blue & Electric Green

For those who might not know, I sell Avon. It isn't the most lucrative endeavor, but I've come to amass a really great customer base, and well... I love make up so it fits (the discount isn't too bad either.) Having said all that, I'm not a huge fan of Avon's nail polish. Of course that doesn't stop me from getting the odd bottle or two, but I find it takes sooooo looooong (yes, that many 'o's are necessary.) Their polishes are big 3 free, and in the past few years they have really upped their game and put out some great shades. For spring- although they look more like summer shades- they have introduced four brights: Shocking Blue, Electric Green, Vivid Violet and Powerful Pink.

I don't wear a lot of purple polish and I found that Powerful Pink looked to close to others I have in my collection so I passed on it and the Vivid Purple. I have been really into blues and greens, so I had to go for Shocking Blue and Electric Green. The blue and purple shade of this collection are a unique finish, they aren't glittery, but thy have a micro shimmer and a hint of a duo chrome meets jelly thing going on. The green and pink are basic cremes.

Avon Nailwear Pro in Shocking Blue

Well, they sure didn't mess around when they named this guy. I applied it in bed, and once on I thought "Well, it's nice, but I just don't see what makes it shocking..." That was until I saw the next day in proper light. I love the colour, it's a bright cool blue with micro shimmer. The finish is almost like a jelly, but not quite. If that makes any sense...I thought that I would have a hell of a time with application because the first coat was so watery, it looked like I was trying to use watercolours to paint my nails with. Surprisingly the second coat brought it up to almost 100% opaque. In the photo shown I have three thin coats on. Drying time was better than my other Avon polishes, which is a major plus, but I still used a drying top coat to speed it up.

Avon Nailwear Pro in Electric Green

Unlike Shocking Blue this didn't live up to it's name. It isn't an electric green to me at all, but I do love the colour. I class this as more of a mature kelly green, or an acid green, which happens to be one of my favourite colours. Oddly enough, I didn't have a green like this in my collection. This is a basic creme, and applied quite similarly to Shocking Blue. The first coat was quite thin, but by the second coat it was almost perfect. I ended up with three thin coats.

Wear was better than I expected with these... Avon claims that they will last 10 days with normal touch ups. Huh? I had chips and tip wear by day three, which for me is pretty good. I usually have to touch up any nail polish by the second day. I am hard on my nails and have never gotten 10 days wear out of any nail polish.

Overall these are great shades and I am really happy with them, especially since they were $3.49 before my discount. If you get the Avon book, the new shades are available in campaign 6 at $3.49 as well.

Have you tried Avon's Nailwear Pro? What did you think?


  1. gorgeoussss! i love all the colors although i have to admit, the pink and purple suit me more :p still, thanks for the swatches! they look great. just wished we could purchase avon in stores :( guess i'll have to put these on my list of avon stuff to get and wait for a good coupon code :p

  2. wow suprisingly the greeen is by far my favorite out of all the colors!! I will be on the lookout for a green like that now!
    just a quick question i don't know anybody that sells avon but can you just order from the website or do you have to go through a salesperson? and if so how do i find one here in the US? thnaks so much.

  3. @xAgness
    Go figure that you like the ones I didn't swatch! You can get Avon online, shipping in Canada is only $5, but they have promos when it is free quite often.

    Hey! Thanks for reading! You can order online from the American site which is You don't need to have a rep to order either. Hope that helps & happy shopping!

  4. I was so disappointed with this product. Although the colour was great it took 3 coats to build and started to chip the same day I applied it. I generally really like Avon but not this range.



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