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Friday, April 29, 2011

Review: Lucy B Organic Lemonade Lip Balm

Super Smoochers was awesome enough to send me one of their (many) all natural lip products. The specific product I received is Lucy B Organic Lemonade Lip Balm, but I'll get back to that shortly. Super Smoocher is all about lips, they carry balms, glosses, sticks, treatments, SPF's and, well anything and everything lippy. BUT, yes there is a but, everything they carry also has to be 100% natural. A very good thing. Side note: Both Super Smoocher and Lucy B are of British backgrounds, see the connection to today?

As I said I received Lucy B Organic Lemonade Lip Balm. Lucy B is not a familiar name to me, but the cute little box and pot of balm made me think I ought to give it a try. A quick trip to the Lucy B website filled me in on the brand bio: Lucy B's creator Lucy Baldock-Sacchi, is originally from the U.K and is a celebrity make-up artist. She spent years in Australia and was inspired to include natural Australian flower extracts into her products.

Onto the balm!

I love any lip product, and this one is no exception. This balm is a thin, non waxy type balm that feels more like a light, non sticky gloss on your lips. It gives a nice glossy sheen and wears well with lipstick. Of course the most important thing is does it work? Yes! I have been a long time lover of Blistex Lip Medix and use it before bed every night, but I replaced my beloved with Lucy B balm to see if it could really moisturize my "prone to dryness" lips. I used it before be and throughout the day for a few weeks and can say my lips are as smooth and moisturized as ever.

As the name states, this is an organic lip balm and contains all natural ingredients and flower extracts. It also has a sweet and sour lemon scent that makes for a nice little pick me up when you apply it. This balm has a bit of a gritty texture when you dip your finger in to apply it, but once it melts onto your lips it smooths out and you don't feel them. As I said, this balm leaves a clear, shiny finish on your lips without being sticky or feeling oily.

Overall a great balm from an interesting site. I encourage those looking for all natural lip products to check Super Smoocher out. Better yet, be sure to check back here in a few days to see what you can snag in my upcoming Super Smoocher Giveaway!

Have you ever bought anything from Super Smoocher or tried Lucy B Cosmetics? What did you think? Did you watch the Royal Wedding ( I had to ask!) I totally did, even thought I didn't think I would.

This item was sent for the purposes of review, but no compensation was received and all opinions are honest and my own.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: KK Center HK False Lashes

A few weeks ago I received three sets of false lashes from the KK Center HK. Although I can't say I am a very frequent wearer of flasies, I do love the look you can get with them so I was excited to give these a try. Of the three sets I revieved two were more wearable (the crossed style and the alternating section style) while the third was a bit more dramatic, being an extra long wing style.

As I said above, I don't wear false lashes very often, the last time I can really remember wearing them was probably my birthday, two years ago. That being said my application technique could use a bit of work. I had a really excellent glue though (Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive) and while my application looked pretty good in person you can totally see errors in the photos! So I apologize in advance.


The most dramatic style out of the bunch is the extra long wing style. I was a bit intimidated by them in the package and totally thought they would never really be wearable, but once on they don't look as "out there" as I thought. Being a wearer of corrective lenses (ie glasses) I wouldn't be able to wear them and see anyhow, but they look pretty good on and could be fun for a night out. 

I actually found the cross style to be my favourite style of the bunch even though when I do go for lashes I tend to stick to a more natural style, but surprisingly the cross style looks great on. I also found that this style applied the easiest, that probably had little to do with the style, but I thought that I'd put that out there.

The name on these is a bit unusual, but the style is more what I would call an alternating lash type, I thought that these would be my favourite out of the bunch, but after trying them I'm not so sure... I they look okay once on, but I do find the alternating look a bit... well, unusual.

Overall, I think these lashes are pretty great, the price can't be beat ($1.50 US) and KK Center has a huge selection to choose from. The ones I received aren't the highest quality, they are a bit stiff and need your own glue, but apply and wear well. KK Center also carries human hair lashes and higher quality lashes for the lash enthusiast.

This item was sent for the purposes of review, but no compensation was received and all opinions are honest and my own.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review: Lex Cosmetics Nail Polish in Nectar

This post is cursed... maybe? I have had obstacle after obstacle trying to get through it. From peeling polish to a lack of fresh AA's it's been nothing but trouble. Anyhow, it's here now, so best get to it.

The creator of Lex Cosmetics was awesome enough to send me a bottle of her polish for review. If you haven't heard of Lex polishes yet, I'll give you a bit of the bio. Alexa (aka Lex) created the brand to fill her need for the perfect sea foam polish and realized other ladies might have a similar issue. Lex Cosmetics is allows you to have a chance at creating your own custom colour. You simply send them a photo of your inspiration and your colour story (ie. what makes your choice special.) If selected by Lex staff it then goes to the voting stage where website viewers have their say and the winner gets made into a shiny new polish. I think it is an ingenious idea! Want to submit a colour? Go here.

" I was home sick with the flu on a very cold, rainy day. This color really jumped out at me and elicited all the feelings I was craving at that moment: warmth, summer, juice, sunshine, refreshment, etc.
It made me think of all things that were about to come in season...peaches, mangoes and metallic sandals. OK, so that last one doesn't belong, but maybe an inspiration for the next round of colors".- Nectar by Valerie

When I checked out the colours available I was really undecided as to which was my favourite, so I challenged myself to go for a shade that I normally wouldn't. I ended up picking Nectar a slighly peachy bright pink creme. I love this sort of colour when I see it on other people, but I just don't know if I like them on me. Since it is spring I took the plunge, and can say I am happy that I did. This shade is pretty bright, which kind of scared me at first, but it is so pretty. I couldn't stop looking at it once I had it on.

Initially I did have an issue with this one, when I first applied it I didn't use a topcoat and I must have had moisturizer residue or something on my nails because the polish peeled a few hours after I applied it. Like full on nail- peeling -no -colour -left-behind. It seemed very odd to me, so I redid them, making sure my nails were fully dry and clean. After my second attempt, I am happy to report that I had no peeling and found that my polish lasted about five days without any major touching up required, which is a crazy long time for me. Application was great and I got a perfect opaque manicure in two coats.

Overall I'm really happy with this polish and will most defiantly try out a few more shades. Have you tried Lex Cosmetics nail polish? What did you think?

This item was sent for the purposes of review, but no compensation was received and all opinions are honest and my own.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hey everyone, hope the Easter Bunny has brought you lots of goodies! Or if you played bunny in your family that everyone shared with you!

I know I've been a bit M.I.A the last little bit. I got called last minute to work the advance polls ( for all you non-Canadians, we're about to have an election) and have been crazy busy. I did however get today off to spend with my family and then back to the polls tomorrow (on my birthday no less.) I do have some great reviews in the works so I should be able to get some ready for scheduled posting (crosses fingers) until my schedule isn't so crazy.

Happy Easter!

I stumbled uppon this one while looking for an Easter photo, it's for all the KOL fans.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Dalton Colour Creme Lipgloss

A few weeks ago I received an email from the ladies of Beauty Crazed that was vaguely titled about a giveaway I had entered it. Something about the way that title was written made me think it was an email sent to everyone who entered. I almost didn't read it, why did I want to know who won if it wasn't me? I totally wanted to know anyway, so I opened it anyway. I'm super glad I did because I won! The prize was a very awesome set of Dalton Colour Creme Lip Glosses and a Shopping Channel Gift Card.

This set includes four adorable, heavy, glass pots of gloss and a retractable lip brush. They came housed in a sleek box adorned with pink detailing. I will add that those little pots were really wedged in there and rather heard to pull out.

L to R: Pattie's Pout, Shawny K, Lisa Lou, Janie

Of course once I did get them out I was able to see their glossy goodness:
Pattie's Pout- The thickest of the bunch, it's a shimmery peach with bronze-y undertones
Shawny K- My favourite shade, a sheer bubble gummy pink with micro shimmer
Lisa Lou- A sheer shimmery peach with incandescent shimmer
Janie- A berry toned plum with golden micro shimmer

Patties Pout
Shawny K

Lisa Lou


All of the shades are on the sheer side, but have enough of a tint that you know you've got colour on. The formula is great, it isn't sticky but it has enough grip that it stays on for a bit. About 2-3 hours without eating or drinking, which is pretty good for a gloss. And better than all that, these aren't drying. It is the worst when glosses look great then leave your lips a dry, flaky mess. Although they are in pots they are really smooth and soft, no digging to get them out of the pot and you can easily use the brush to apply them. Although I probably would have never bought them for myself, I love them and totally recommend them.

Have you tried these glosses or anything by Dalton? What did you think?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer

Another one with a mouthful of a name, it is actually: Rimmel Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer. I wasn't specifically looking for a new concealer when I spotted this, but I had read a review on it and had kept it on my "maybe" list. I actually don't believe in the whole hocus pocus of skin  matching products, but when I was trying to figure out what shade to buy I tried a few on my hand. I picked 03 Classic Beige ( I got it a shade darker, I find it covers better under eye when it's a shade darker than my skin) and after looking at a few other things happened to look at my hand and couldn't see the swatches. Good to know it matched well.

I bought this more for use under my eyes, and I am pretty happy with it. It covers pretty well but you have to be fast to set it as it does crease. Once set with powder it lasts quite well on my skin. I apply it and let it set for a minute to dry just a bit, then blend it in, otherwise it just sort of lays there.  I also didn't find that it had any highlighting properties. The tube claims that this is not only a concealer, but it is a 2 in 1 Concealer and Highlighter, but other than lightening darkness (which all concealers do) I didn't see any highlighting. While I intended on using it for my eyes, I gave it a try on my face to cover acne scars and it works really well. I've been using a lighter foundation that has less coverage, and I have found that this concealer not only covers, but lasts the day. I have found that a lot of concealers cover scars and spots well in the morning but by the end of the day are pretty much gone.

 The squeeze tube is styled after a highlighting product, equipped with a brush on the end. I don't mind the brush, but it really isn't necessary because you can't actually use it to apply the foundation because you end up with too much product. I use the brush to dab it on then use a separate brush (or my finger if I'm being lazy) to pat it around.

I have a fair number of foundations on the go, but I have been reaching for this one quite frequently. For an inexpensive product (I think it was $5.97 or so at Wal Mart) it works quite well and I would probably buy it again.

Have you tried this concealer? What did you think?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sigma Giveaway Winner!

I always try to get giveaway winners posted as soon as they end, but this weekend I had a bit of a "stay-cation" and didn't do anything. It was incredibly fun. My bff was up for a visit and we had girls night in with board games, movies and... beverages. And I finally saw Black Swan! It was really good, I totally recommend it if you haven't seen it yet. But, I suppose you'd like to know who the winner is...

I'll be emailing you shortly for your shipping details! Thank you to everyone who entered, and be sure to stick around for my next giveaway coming up in a few days! More details to come soon.  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mail Haul

Click for full size

This week my mail box has seen a lot of action, and the photo above isn't even all of it. I've left out my MAC haul and clothes that just arrived today, and a little kitchen timer that looks like a scale from Nielsen Homescan (such a waste of time, it totally isn't worth it.) and a few things didn't make it into the group shot.

My most exciting parcel of the week came from Ms Bubu! We did a little swap and I received a whole packet full of European goods. I forgot to show the Boots 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Bee Hive. It went straight into my purse. I love it! It is the perfect pinky-nude, and the lipstick itself is light - slightly sheer as well- and it not only has a glossy finish but it moisturizes as well. A really great product. Thanks Stephanie! Of course she also sent me a little army of nail polishes including my first Eyeko product: Petite Polish (for French manicures) Barbra Daly polish in envy, Nails Inc. Diet Coke exclusive polish in caramel ( a very pretty take on nude) and a unnamed Barry M that is a raspberry colour. It came packaged up with a gloss and eyeliner. Annd, a Barry M Dazzle Dust and dual end eyeliners. The Dazzle Dust in tan (no.39) which is a beautifully smooth shadow in the most amazing champaign-y bronze. I couldn't have picked a more perfect shade myself. Also, a book on famous Belgians as a little extra, which has totally made me want to go. I didn't know much about Belgium, but there is a lot of interesting history.

 Beauty UK sent me couple items to try out and review. I got Pearl Eyeliner in Eclipse and Lip Lust gloss in Playboy.

I think this was a Face Book thing- to be honest I don't remember signing up for it, but Dove sent me a large sample tube of their Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditoner. I haven't used it yet, but it smells amazing.

KK Center HK sent me some lashes to review. Some are quite dramatic, but I think it will be fun to try them out.

 I received the free Hello Kitty stamping plate that Born Pretty was giving out last month, but realized I didn't have the scraper and stamper to use it, so I ordered the stamper/scraper kit that came with tip designs. The price was great at $5 and free shipping.

Super Smoocher sent me a Lucy B Lemonade organic lip balm to review. Even better than that you'll get a chance to win one and a Super Smoocher gift card. Stay tuned for that!

Not technically mail, but Avon came in and I got the next set of mini polishes. This is the Ibiza Sol series which consists of Mojito a minty type aqua-green and Tango a oranged tomato shade.

My huge Ebay purchase, a velcro hair bow that holds your bangs back while you put on makeup or wash your face. It was too cute not to get.

And last but not least Garden Botanika Lip and Cheek Stain in Cherry from Garden Botanika to review.

A very good mail week, in my opinion! I definitely have lots of new goods to try out. Anything you're interested in seeing here first?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Luxe Box Arrived!

Yay! I have to say I was super excited when I got home to see it was here. I thought that I had missed it yesterday, but it was a different package I had to pick up. Double the mail is even better! 

If you aren't sure what I'm so excited about see my post about it here. Or if you're not into extra reading, I'll give you the Reader's Digest version: Luxe Box is a type of subscription service provided by Loose Button where they send you 3-5 deluxe samples for $9.95. It lets you sample high end products without the high end price. It was also nice to see that this month a portion of the price was donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Click for full size on any photo
When I first opened the adorable box, I was greeted by my "menu"  (it has a listing of everything in the box) a little chocolate and a daffodil pin.  The menu has a little description of the products including a photo of the full size item and price. It also has a little note to the recipient (me!) and this month included a coupon code for one of the brands in the box. I blurred it out, because I don't know if they'd be happy about me sharing it online. 

On what you really want to know: What's inside?

From left to right:
Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Gentle Cleanser
Elizabeth Grant Lubricating Body Treatment
Principessa Ultimate Softening Shampoo and  Conditioner
Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara

Overall I'm really pleased with the selection and based on their "Upcoming Brands" page I am very interested to see what they'll send out in the next box.  I usually hoard samples like these and tuck them away for "the right time" but I've made a promise to myself that I will actually use these. I plan on trying the mascara tomorrow. Anyone tried it yet? 

Have you ever tried a service like this? What did you think of it?