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Monday, May 30, 2011

Review: Skin 79 BB Cream Miniture Set

A while ago, I got this set of Skin 79 BB creams (from ebay, $9.99 with free shipping) because I have been reading/ watching so many reviews of BB creams and Skin 79 seemed to be a very popular brand.

Now, I am absolutely not an expert on this topic, so I suggest you read these posts (here and here) from Musings of a Muse- she really knows her stuff when it comes to BB creams- and watch this video from Missglamorazzi. I'll wait.

Done? Okay, just in case there were a few lazy *coughs* who didn't do their reading, I'll give you a very, very basic run down as to what BB cream is. It is a tinted moisturizer like product that was initially created for use on laser surgery patients to use on their sensitive skin. BB cream is (in very simple terms) a mix of makeup (ie your foundation) and skin care (ie your moisturizer) all in one.

I really just wanted to try the Super Skin 79 BB cream (in the hot pink tube) but since I had never even tried BB creams I was reluctant to shell out the $20-$40 for a product I didn't know much about. I was super excited to see the mini set and have a chance to try a few out and get more acquainted with the product. I must say that these little tubes are quite mini, I have only been able to get 5-6 uses out of each- and that has included cutting the thing open to get every last bit- but it is a great way to try them.

Click for full size

Now, unlike foundation, there really aren't any shade options (some brands seem to have 1-3 shades, but nothing that would suit every race/skin colour) so you kind of have to just wing it and try them out. Luckily for me I am rather pale and am able to use all of the shades included in this set. 

The BB creams in the gold tube (it is easiest to describe by colour) and in the hot pink tube, were the most griegy in colour, while the light pink tube and the silver tube BB cream are lighter. The silver tube also has a pearl finish; so not great for all over one's face, but makes a nice highlight. The shade is a bit discerning when you squeeze it out onto your hand, but once you blend it on your face, it just kind of blends into your skin tone. The coverage is light, I found I still needed a bit of concealer under my eyes and on my acne scars (if I want them completely covered, it did mask them a bit.) The finish is dewy and you can feel that it has moisturizing properties. I love this for my dry skin as it doesn't give me any dry patches and looks smooth without any issues. I usually use a bit of MAC MSF Natural over the BB cream just because I find it stays just a bit too dewy for my liking, but with a light powdering it is perfect. It feels super light on your skin, like you aren't even waring makeup, which is perfect for warmer weather (I can't believe how hot it was here today, just a few days ago I was still wearing a sweater...crazy)

Overall, I am liking these BB creams. I think the light pink tube- the Diamond Prestige, is my favourite out of the bunch, as it is a bit lighter in colour out of the tube and not as thick (the others are quite creamy.) I would recommend trying these if you are a lighter skin tone and are looking for a lighter alternative to foundation. I have also been using the Dr. Jart + Premium BB cream, review on that soon. 

Have you tried BB cream? What did you think? What brand(s) do you like?

P.S Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in joining me as a Comment-a-Holic! I love your response. I'm headed to that post to reply to all your awesome comments and then off to do my daily blog reading and leave a lot of you a bit of comment love as well :)


  1. I really want to try some bb cream soon, and I'm a pale caucasian girl so it's good to hear it's working for lots of others! I'll definitely get a sampler off ebay.

  2. Thank you for this review!! I have only tried one BB cream so far and I have been thinking about buying this kit to try out different ones. Definitely going to look into this. Thanks!!

  3. Never tried BB Cream, but I've seen rave reviews :) Very interested to try it.

  4. I'm actually on trying to figure out if I'm going to try this set or a Missha full sized one. 5-6 applications seems like a great amount per tube.. I think I'll give it a shot! Thanks for your review and swatches.

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