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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Was Going to Get Something Done...

Peek-y Boo!

I had very good intentions when I sat down... I was going to post a post of some Essie's I picked up a few weeks months ago and never got around to swatching, but I ended up reading a few blogs, and before I knew I'd made two Etsy purchases, used a Heartsy voucher, and curated a list. Oh, how the mind wanders.

I do have to say I absolutely love Heartsy! It is like Groupon but the deals are (mostly) all for Etsy. Everyday there are a few new deals from different sellers. You can save a range from about 50-70%. I've bought a few vouchers so far, and they are super easy to redeem. The link I provided is my referral, since if you sign up through someone you get $5 when you make your first purchase (I do to, so it's win-win!) Of course they can describe all this way better than I can (see it here.) They also have "VIP" memberships, which for $7.99 a month you get a bonus on your vouchers (usually $10 more than non VIPS) and you get a $10 credit when you sign up. I VIP'd but it's not something I'd pay for monthly. My point, however ramble-y it reads, is that Heartsy is pretty much amazing and my new favourite shopping... well, thing.

Have you used Heartsy? What did you think?


  1. It's a good idea! The problem I personally have with that is I bought a few similar vouchers on Wahanda for beauty treatments, and it's always the same: a few days before their expiry date, I remember I have them, but I just cut my hair/wax my legs, etc. I ended up waisting two of them :(

  2. Never heard of that, but I really don't buy anything from etsy!

    I love the photo, so cute!!


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