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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

June/July Luxe Box

Yes, you read that right. June and July. Together. I never got around to posting my June Luxe Box mainly because there was an oil spill. One of the products leaked an made quite a mess. They were nice enough to send me a replacement of the product in my July Luxe Box.

My June Luxe Box included Joico's K-Pack Colour Therapy Styling Oil (the culprit that leaked), Consonant Organic Foaming Face Wash, Laura Mercier Eye Colour -in Sandstone, and two Dermalogica samples for men (for father's day) which I gave to a friend.

The highlight of the June box was by far the Laura Mercier eyeshadow, which is full size (retails for $22) It is a really versatile natural peachy shade that you can use as a highlight, on the lid or in on your inner eye. It is so smooth and blends beautifully.

July Luxe Box

The July Luxe Box included a sample vial of Stella In Two Peony perfume, Essie nail polish in Kisses & Bises, Truco Liner* in Divinity, and Consonant eye and face creams.

Now, the Truco liner... the little menu from Luxe Box says it is an eyeliner, but the pencil in the photo is long and slender, my penicil is stubby and the shade and texture tell me it is a lip liner. I I've tried finding information on the brand, but my searches have all been fruitless. Anyone know anything about the brand?

Kisses & Bises

The Essie polish is full size, awesome, but the colour is kind of a dud in my opinion. I got Kisses & Bises (what?) which is a sheer iridescent pearl, that looks like it would have flashes of pink, lilac, and green. I guess it would be an okay neutral, I just can't see myself reaching for it very often.

Do you receive any sort of sample subscription service? Have you gotten any amazing items?


  1. I've never heard of Luxe Box, I'm assuming it's like Birch Box, any differences? Now I've got to decide which to join!

    I'm having a Deborah Lippmann nail polish giveaway if you'd like to enter, just click here

  2. I'm so jealous you got a LM eyeshadow, I've been wanted to try her products! Looks lovely :)

  3. Hey, I have awarded you with the Butterfly Award! Come check it out.

  4. @Elizabeth
    yeah, Luxe Box is pretty much the same as Birch Box (it's the Canadian alternative) but the price has gone up to $12 (I think, I subscribed before the change, so mine was $10)

    It's really nice!

    Thanks! I'll check it out :D

  5. I don't know how you feel about layering polishes, but Kisses and Bisses is AWESOME for layering. It adds a pearly red/pink duochrome to any color- I like it over pastel purple and light grey. Not too exciting on its own, but so nice as a top layer.

  6. I found your blog from searching July Luxe Box haha, I'm always so curious on what other ppl get in their luxe boxes compared to mine! I've yet to write a post on it, but will do it soon ;P I was confused about the lip liner too! When I read the description, I was like... whaa? it's an eyeliner????!?!? haha

  7. bises is french for kisses. it can also be 'bisous,' but my guess is bises looked better next to kisses to the person deciding on the name of the polish.

    i just signed up for a luxe box subscription today. i can't wait!

  8. I just wanted to repeat what Scrangie said, I'm pretty sure Kisses and Bises is meant to be a layering color. Too bad they didn't send you one of the other colors from that collection though, they are all pastel, which had me thinking, "Oh great, streaky and will need 4-5 coats." Wrong! I got nearly full coverage in one coat, but since I'm a goofball with nail polish I did need two. Pastels in one or two coats!!!! Anyway, give K&B a shot over your mani when you get sick of it, but are too lazy to start over. That's when I use layering polishes! lol

  9. I wonder if that lip pencil is Sebastian Trucco?

  10. hey I just went to the Luxebox website, and under the blog section they have a whole article on that trucco lip pencil, lol just so you know :)

  11. @Melody
    I just saw that today! Lol! Thanks for giving me heads up though :D


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