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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: Eye's Chic Criss-Cross Lashes

When KKCenterHK sent me the eyeshadow palette (reviewed here) they also sent along a box of Eye's Chic Criss-Cross lashes. I was a bit apprehensive about them, but excited none the less.

My main reason of concern, was that they would be too long. I found there are a lot of lashes out there that look great but just don't work if you wear glasses. When your lashes are dragging along the glass every time you blink, you really aren't doing yourself any favours in the "pretty" department. Luckily for me though, the lashes I recieved are a fair bit shorter, and while they may not look super natural in the package they certainly do have a more natural appearance once applied.

As you can see these lashes add some oomph and depth without being overly dramatic. I found them super easy to apply (and I am definitely no pro in that department.) These don't include any adhesive -I used Revlon lash glue that I had on hand- but I think I like the lashes that come with nothing on them better than the pre-glued. These lashes are a pretty good quality, they are not overly stiff or scratchy and they are quite light weight when applied. They were a tad long, but I didn't have to waste more than a little bit on one end. I hate when lashes are so long you end up wasting half of them when you trim them.

I'm surprised at how much I like these. I really like them and I can see myself reaching for them for more than just special occasions. At $13.45 USD for 10 pairs they are definitely a steal.

Do you wear false lashes on a regular basis? Which style are your favourite?

This item was sent for the purposes of review, but no compensation was received and all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. they really look great!

  2. These lashes don't look so amazing in the box, but once applied to your eyes, they look really good :O
    I'm glad these work well for glasses ^_^ i shall put them on my 'to buy' list. It's hard to find lashes that'll give me longer fuller looking lashes without getting stuck on my lenses >.<

  3. Really pretty! Look fairly natural too

  4. i like it! i've never worn falsies before, but i really really want to try them. i think this kind would be perfect. :D

    <3, Mimi


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