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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tarte: Glow Your Way to Gorgeous Collection

Oh, blog readers... I am so behind with posts. My pile of stuff to get posted is growing at an alarming rate. There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day. As I write this, it's already tomorrow.

Anyhow, I am super pumped about one of my newest babies. I'll start by saying I'd seen this quite some time ago but (wrongly) assumed it was not accessible to me whatsoever. I am so happy I was wrong.

The item(s) I'm so thrilled with is the Tarte Glow your Way to Gorgeous Collection from QVC (available here). When I first saw this I assumed that QVC didn't ship to Canada. Then I saw it on a Canadian blog a few months after and knew I had to have it. For anyone wondering, shipping prices weren't too bad. I paid about $14, pricier than the average package by my standards, but the collection still works out to be great price with the shipping.

click for full size

What I got:
* Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara in Black Reg.$19
* SmolderEYES Waterproof Eyeliner Reg. $22
* Maracuja Creaseless Concealer Reg. $24.50
* Waterproof Cream Shadow Pot Reg. $22
* Lip Luster Reg. $24
* 12 Hour Wear Clay Blush in Peaceful Reg. $25
* Shadow Brush and Tarte Blush Brush Reg. $27
* Sharpener
* Bronzer (trial size)
* Maracuja Oil (trial size)
* Makeup Bag

Total retail price for everything is $195 (or $180.50 if you don't include the extras like the bag, sharpener and trial size items.) all said and done I paid about $75 once shipping and everything was done. Not too shabby. I've used a few of the items already and looove the quality of the products. I think the Concealer may just be my HG for under eye.

The item I was most excited about was the 12 Hour Wear Clay Blush in Peaceful. I've wanted to try these, but didn't really want to pay the $25 for one (call me cheap). Peaceful is a QVC limited shade (for now) and is a really pretty peachy-rose shade (more peachy than rose). I'll have a better review with swatches and what not once I use it a bit more.

I am so excited to really get to use everything in this kit! I love that everything in it is actually stuff I'll use and it is all high quality (ie not three good products then filler sub-par items to make it look like a deal.) I highly suggest this to Tarte fans (or makeup fans in general.)It just doesn't disappoint.

Anyone snag any good deals lately?

P.S A big hello and a wave to all the new followers! Hello! *waves*
I'm almost ready to set up my giveaway, I'm just waiting for the last of the prizes to arrive. Also, holly wow comments! I love how many comments I've been getting lately, you gals are all awesome and I've totally dropped the ball in the reply department. I'll catch up soon!


  1. i like the color. very bright purple. :D
    I need a new blush. I dropped mine the other day and it broke. :(


  2. wow gorgeous collection!!! wish we had tarte here :(

  3. I got it a few weeks ago and loving it! I agree that all the items are high quality with pretty and wearable shades.....great bargain indeed!

  4. That's a great value, so many fun products to try!

  5. Thank you for this entry as I didn't know I could order this from QVC for shipping to Canada. Now I'm going to as well since everything looks amazing. I was just wondering How long did it take to get your order? Did it take long?

  6. @ Carrie
    aww! that sucks :(

    I know, it is lame when you can't get stuff. It's not as bad here, but there is still stuff we don't get.

    Congrats! It's awesome isn't it!

    Right! :D

    It took a few weeks... well maybe closer to a month, So not the fastest.


I love your comments! Be sure to check back for a reply from me :D

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