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Friday, August 12, 2011

Born Pretty Dried Flowers & NOTD Fail

Not so long ago, I was sent a few items to review from Born Pretty Store. One of those items happened to be a set of dried flowers for nail design.

For $7.08 you get 12 different styles and colours. Each type is housed in a very handy little screw top pot. In the bunch I received I got a few petal type flowers and a bunch of a style that reminds me of dried Queen Anne's Lace. I was excited to give these a go, but my nail design ended up looking a bit less than sweet...

I started with Essie's Barefoot and Topless as my base, thinking I would load my ring finger up with a bunch of multi coloured flowers...buuuut, when I went to add them I realized they were way bigger than I thought and that just wasn't going to work. I wasn't sure what to do then so I just added one to each finger. It looked not bad, almost cute, but when I applied my top coat I ran into some issues. My nail polish all started to ripple and curl. It was the strangest thing I've ever seen. I think there was a reaction between the clear polish I used as glue for my flowers and topcoat. I managed to get a few photos before it really went wonky. Also, I had a hard time getting all of the petals to stick down, regardless of how much topcoat I used.

I really liked the flowers in theory, but I did have some issues using them, mainly due to their size. I don't know how I'm going to use the second type of flower because they are even larger than the petal style. The quality of the flowers them selves is great and I think they could look amazing if you had the right design. I may end up using these for crafting as opposed to nail art however.

Have you ever used dried flowers in you nail designs? How did it turn out?