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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mail Haul III

Oh the Postal Service (the actual Postal Service, not the band... I think they're defunct now anyhow...) how I love and loathe thee. Loathe the rates you charge to ship, love the goods you bring to my door. I hadn't checked my main in a couple days and was greeted today to a bunch of little parcels.

The really fun ones (MAC, Butter London, The Body Shop, Sephora and Lush) haven't arrived just yet, but these are a nice start. I officially am not shopping. I tried to buy nothing for the month of July, and it lasted a whole six days... pathetic. Anyhow, on to the haul!

Missha Pure Source Sheet Masks in Raspberry

Missha Creamy Latte Chocolate Cleansing Foam (2 for 1)

The Face Shop Black Head Ex Clay Mask

Free samples: Beauty Friends Sheet Masks in Royal Jelly and Green Tea and Skin 79 BB samples

I read Musings of a Muse, who reviews a lot of Asian skin care items, and was totally interesting in trying sheet masks. I ordered a small box of My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Masks and loved them to bits. If you aren't sure what a sheet mask is, I'll have a review up shortly, but they are piece of fabric like paper that has been soaked in an essence. You simply lay the mask on and let all the goodness soak into your skin. I was hankering for a couple more so I picked up the Missha masks on Ebay. The other items above are all from the same seller and they were kind enough to throw in some samples!

The cleansers were buy one get one, and really who can pass up chocolate latte cleanser? I'm really excited to give it a try. Also, the Black Head treatment seemed pretty interesting and for $4 why not? It is supposed to work like a pore strip, but it is a clay that dries on and you peel it off.

Juju Cosmetics White Peach Skin Whitening Mist

I love facial mists, I don't know if they all really work... but still, I love 'em. I've got quite the collection already, but I couldn't pass this one up after reading a review on it. I have tried a spritz on my hand and it smells amazing. Also, don't be freaked out by the whitening part- I always used to think that meant it was one of those scary products women use to bleach their skin. In this case (and on many Asian products) the term whitening refers to brightening and reviving dull skin.

MyFace Cosmetics Bellbottom Blues and Purple Haze Blingtone Eyeshadows

MyFace Cosmetics sent me two of their Blingtone Eyeshadows to review. They are super shimmery. I haven't gotten to play around with them yet, but they look amazing in the pan.

Last but not least, two threaded beads for my necklace. Last Christmas my dad and I got my mom an Amore & Baci bracelet and charms (it's like Pandora, but no where locally sells Pandora.) I didn't think I wanted a bracelet, so I got a necklace. It has two stations for threaded beads to hold your beads/charms in the centre.

I'm excited for the rest of the week's mail as it's almost Luxe Box time and I ordered a Glymm Box as well ( I was one day late for last month's!) Hauled any interesting items lately? Do share!


  1. Those shadows are SO gorgeous! I own a few actually :)

  2. Hmmm those Creamy Latte Chocolate Cleansing Foam looks delicious!

  3. great haul!! the nose clay mask sounds interesting, pls do a review!

  4. Omg, i love your haul! All the products look so super cute ^_^ haha i love when sellers throw in free samples :) Can't wait to see your review on the MBD Apple Polyphenol mask!


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