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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: Face Atelier Pt.1 *300th Post!*

As you probably saw in the title this is my 300th blog post! I was kind of hoping that this could be my giveaway post, but I don' have the space/time to get everything spread out and photographed right now. Hopefully it will be ready in a few days. This is however a review of a few of the samples that Face Atelier sent me to review. I decided to break them up since it would be a very long post otherwise. Today I'll be focusing on the foundations, concealer, highlighter and powder.

From left to right: Ultra Foundation in shade #2 Ivory and #3 Wheat, Camouflage Duet Concealer shade light, Ultra Sheer Peach, and Ultra Translucent Powder in Translucent

"At FACE atelier, you are your beauty icon. We believe that being beautiful is all about being the best that you can be. FACE atelier refuses to present an image of how we think a woman should look. Instead, we strive to provide you with sophisticated and versatile makeup that helps you look and feel beautiful. FACE atelier is makeup that simply works. And works simply." - Face Atelier

Shades #2 Ivory and #3 Wheat

The product I was most excited about trying was the Ultra Foundation. I had read a few partial reviews, but not quite enough to warrant spending the $45 on it. I must say that after testing it out I am sold. This is a silicone based formula and is said to "float on top of the skin, doesn't crease or flake, and lasts all day long." I have to agree. I have a tendency to have dry skin, and some foundations seem to just make it look worse, but this foundation applied smoothly and easily with minimal product used. I've been using these samples for a week or so and I still have a good amount left. It blends easily and leaves skin with a fresh natural finish. Acording to the Face Atelier website it's also the choice foundation of Fergie and Lady Gaga. Huh.

I am usually the second lightest shade in most foundations (NC20 from MAC... except the Longwear, it seems quite yellow...) but Face Atelier recommended selecting two foundation shades to find your perfect match. I selected #2 and #3 and found that they both work pretty much perfectly for me. Shade #3 is just a touch warmer than #2.

Ultra Foundation shades #2 and #3, Camouflage Duet Concealer shade light, Ultra Sheer Peach, and Ultra Translucent Powder in Translucent

The other items I've been using are:
Camofluage Duet Concealer shade Light: When you purchase this you get two shades; a golden shade to neutralize purple and red, and a neutral shade for brown and blue undertones. I was only sent one shade, but I would say that it is the golden shade of the light duo. Compared to the other samples it seemed like I received a lot less of the concealer, but you don't need much to achieve a flawless cover. For the first few days I used the bit of it that was up under the sample pot's lid, there wasn't much there, but it went really far. I really love this concealer! It covers under eye discoloration remarkably well, and while it creased a bit, it is most defiantly something I'll consider purchasing.

Ultra Sheer Peach: Highlighters are something I've only just started to play around with, but the glowy peach shaded of this one was just too inciting to pass up. This is a liquid highlight (on the runny side) but it truly is gorgeous. I dab a little bit along the top of my cheek bones for a sheer glow. I like how refined this is, nothing boldly shouting "hey! look at my sheen" just a touch of warmth. Honesly, I probably wouldn't purchase this at $45 for 30ml or Pro Size $32 for 20ml (sleeker tube to fit in artist's kits) but it is beautiful and a bottle would last you forever.

Ultra Loose Powder in Translucent: This powder is pretty much perfect. It is finely milled, super smooth and pretty much disappears once on. It sets foundation without leaving me powdery or dry looking and feels very natural to the touch as well. I don't usually get very oily or shiny throughout the day, so I can't say how well it keeps oiliness at bay, but I did find that it looked great all day and did prevent my foundation from shifting or wearing away.

Overall, I love the quality of all the Face Atelier Products I've tried. Stay tuned for part 2, which will include Facade Cheek and Lip Colour, and Lip Glaze.

Have you tried any Face Atelier products? What did you think?

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  1. I have used Face Atelier for years! I am in HG for me!!


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