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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Under Construction


Not the blog, but I will have to take an itty bitty hiatus. We've had a contractor and a crew working away on our house for a week or so now, but they've finally gotten to my bedroom. Ugh... stuff is all over the house. I hate not having things where they are meant to be. So annoying.

On top of that I'm running on a busted "r" button. My cat had a little bit of fun on my keyboard and made the "r" come off. I got it back on, but now it is so tight that it is hard to type normally. I'll have to stop into the computer shop to see if they can give it a proper repair. There are just too many words with "r" in them to carry on like this.

Hope to be blogging again soon... I've got some really glowingly gorgeous Butter London polishes to share, my giveaway items have finally all come in as well, and I have some international swap goods to show off.

See you soon!


  1. Aw sorry about your keyboard. Sorry about the construction at your house too but at least the end results will be worth it. :)


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