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Monday, September 19, 2011

NOTD: China Glaze It's Alive

Today, after braving the rain to get some errands done, I found this gem awaiting me in my mail box. I was so excited to see it on, I started applying it during dinner. I will say that it is tricky to eat a salad and do your nails at the same time.

It's Alive! (I think it needs the ! but that isn't technically part of the name) is one of the new polishes from China Glaze's Halloween 2011 "Haunting" collection. This polish is a deep mossy type green with assorted gold and chartreuse-ish glitter. This kind of looks like one of last years Halloween polishes "Zombie Zest" but I didn't get that one, so I'm no help on the comparison front.

My photos don't do it justice (it has much more spark in real life) but this polish has an almost jelly finish, which allows the glitter pieces to really shine. I am very pleased to say that this was a two-coater. I was a bit worried it would take a lot of layering to get it opaque, but it couldn't have been any easier. Now, I'm guessing removal won't be as easy, but that is another story. The photos above are without top coat to show the true finish of the polish. I found the finish on this to be a bit less shiny that most polishes, so in my opinion it defiantly needs top coat not only for wear protection, but also to up the shine factor. A thick top coat would also give the surface a smoother finish, as it is a tad bumpy.

Overall, I love this shade of green and like that it is a shade that can be worn all year without being gimmicky and overtly Halloween-ish.Have you picked up any Halloween themed polishes yet?


  1. Such a pretty color! I was reading your above post and I was also having the same problem with photos being uploaded straight to blogger. I started unloading them on photobucket first and then to blogger and that made a HUGE difference. Hope that helps

  2. @Lindsay
    I am going to have try that! Thanks for the tip :D


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