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Friday, September 16, 2011

Review: MAC Paint Pots Nubile and Idyllic

New Paint Pots! Yay!
Okay, so I got that out of the way. I was seriously excited when the promos for MAC's Posh Paradise collection showed eight, yes 8 new paint pots. As soon as they were available online I placed my order. Now, as you can see I restrained myself and only went for two shades Nubile and Idyllic. Originally I was going to splurge and get Treasure Hunt- a light pearled yellow, and Genuine Treasure- a reflects antique gold. But I realized the likelihood of me getting much use of the yellow was slim and early reviews/swatches of Genuine Treasure were not so hot. Apparently it is a bit gritty and patchy, not so great, but apparently a lot of ladies could look past that because it seems to have sold out online already.

MAC Nubile Paint Pot

MAC Nubile Paint Pot

Nubile is a "light peachy nude" with a hint of a sheen. It isn't enough to be a shimmer, but there is a hint of a frost. The shade is similar to Painterly, but it is more peachy and of course not a matte finish. Nubile could be used as a neutral all purpose base or eye colour for everyday looks, just as Painterly,Bare Study or Benefit's RSVP Creasless liner/shadow. You can see the in the comparison below that Painterly, Nubile and RSVP are all from a similar colour family.

MAC Idyllic Paint Pot

MAC Idyllic Paint Pot

Idyllic is a "mid-tone copper bronze". When I first opened up the pot I thought I'd made a mistake in ordering it as it looked way more red than I was expecting, but it redeemed itself upon swatching. The colour is an interesting blend of brown, cranberry, and bronze/copper. I have nothing exactly like this, but I'm excited to use if for smoky brown looks or even just on its own.

MAC Nubile and Idyllic Paint Pots

Did you pick up on any of the new Paint Pots? Which shades did you get?


  1. Thank you for sharing swatches! :) I am liking that Idyllic one :) I previously planned to get 4 of them when i got the email from macpro but never had the chance to get them yet cuz I have to get something else... Now im hoping i'm not late...

  2. Thanks for the swatches - so tempted to get Nubile!x

  3. I have all 8 - they just arrived yesterday. Genuine Treasure is gorgeous, but I am less than thrilled with how it applies. I'm going to be posting a haul tomorrow with swatches! Nubile and Idyllic are gorgeous - definitely some of the best ones of the bunch! Great choice!
    -Candice :)


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