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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

When I first started blogging, about a year or so ago ( a little longer if you want to be more precise, but whatever) these liners were everywhere. So to say me getting them a bit late is a total understatement, but I never had a good source to get NYX before. I do now, Beauty Joint. They've got low shipping costs and carry pretty much every item NYX makes at lower prices than anywhere else I've seen. I'm not affiliated with them or any thing of the like, just sharing.

1. Cottage Cheese, 2. Strawberry Milk, 3. Rust, 4. French Fries, 5. Pots and Pans, 6. Slate

I probably should have done a comparison photo to show you just how jumbo these are compared to a normal liner, but you'll just have to believe me, these are jumbo. Five out of the six shades that I got are housed in plastic tubes, while one is in a wood casing. I've yet to have to sharpen these so I can't say if it's troublesome or not (I'm assuming they might be though.)

These little guys are super creamy, really pigmented and in general great. I love how versatile the are as well, you can use them as eyeliner (go figure) you can use them as bases to give your shadow a boost. Warning though, unlike MAC Paint Pots, these do not dry, they stay creamy and thusly will crease if you do not use a primer, so, use a primer.

As you can see, I chose pretty safe shades, but they do have a whopping 28 to choose from. My favourite out of the bunch I got is Slate a blue toned charcoal gray. I love how I can create a lightening fast smokey eye with just a bit of shadow, Slate and a black liner. Easy-Peasy. These are awesome on lazy days since you can just prime and smudge on a shade or two of these and you're set. Even better at $2.99 a piece you don't have to feel bad about it if you end up with say 22 of the 28 shades they make. No, I don't have that many, but I can assume there probably are many a blogger with a large stash of these.

All in all, these are definitely worth checking out. Have you tried them?


  1. Yes ! Tried them out. The only color I do use is Milk though. The other ones I have, (Black Bean, Pots & Pans, Iced Mocha, Purple, Pacific), are rarely touched!
    I'm very interested in that Rust color though ! Looks so pretty ! Thank you for the website aswell (: ! x

  2. I only own one, and am not a fan because it creases so badly, but I think I may give milk a try!

    Fab review :)

  3. I love these!:D Thanks for the review and pictures.:D

    ***** Marie *****
    Freeman Beauty Blogger Kit Giveaway

  4. nyx jumbo eyeliners are so fascinating -- the colors are beautiful! i haven't tried them, but perhaps i should pick some up. :)

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  5. I love using these as eyeshadow bases! I have Milk, Black Bean, Cottage Cheese, Yogurt and Yellow. I like using Cottage Cheese under light shimmery shadows where I don't necessarily need to enhance the colour, or for bright shimmery shadows where I don't own another coordinating base shade. :)

  6. hey bailey! i love love love your website! AMAZING graphics!!!! :) congrats!


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