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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Great Debate: EOS Lip Balms

If you read blogs, chances are you've been seeing these little spherical balms all over. It seems like you either love them or you hate them. I initially just thought they were cute. Up until EOS introduced these there were pretty much only two types of balm shape: tube and pot.

I was well aware of the love/hate satus of the balms, but when I saw them in my local pharmacy I couldn't help but pick one up, just to see which side of the fence I fell on. Turns out, neither side.

I chose the Summer Berry scent, which is quite nice, on the sweet side (scent, not taste) and pretty natural. Of course, I do love the packaging, it's cute and different, and makes putting balm on just that little bit more exciting.

As for the actual balm... because it is so solid- and it would have to be to keep it in a nice round form- applies in quite a thin layer. Because the layer of balm is so thin, you have to apply it more often, and even then, the balm isn't a super moisturizing formula to begin with.

If you are the type who likes applying balm all the time then this is for you. You know the types, chances are you know a balm-a-holic. I would say that this is the type of balm I would have liked for in my pencil case. I always used to keep little things in mine to help reduce the boredom of terrible lectures. Being able to pop on some gloss, or eat a hard candy, any thing to keep you awake, can be good. Stick one of these in there and you won't feel so crazy applying your lip balm every 15 minutes.

Overall, this balm is okay. It is fine for basic dry situations, or under lipstick, but it won't replace your favourite balm and it won't stand up to major dry lips.

Have you tried these lip balms? What do you think of them?


  1. Nice review
    I want one of these so much - if not to use but just to look at! Unfortunately you can't get them in Australia....I'll find a way!

  2. I think this is a really truthful review based on things I've heard about this bad boy. I want to try it out to see how I feel, but knowing how much I love crazily moisturising balms means I will buy it for my neice or whoever, who aren't as fussed with moisturization.
    Thanks for the review and the good piccies:)

  3. I want to try these so much! As Candice said, you can't get them in Australia, but I just want to try them so much!
    Great review (:
    x Leah

  4. I want one of each of the series of these.. call me crazy, but i just love the packaging and smell :D Sucks to hear about how no-so-great it is compared to other reviews I've had.. hopefully i can get my hands on this in NZ at a reasonable price!

  5. I have the Honeysuckle one, it smells nice. It leaves my lips soft, but as you said, I don't like how hard it is. I like creamy balm and I use to have one in my pockets so my warmth would melt it a little bit. This one is totally the opposite, you have to press hard to feel you have a layer on! But I like the packaging, smell, results,etc.

  6. I agree completely with you. I had to apply it over & over again! It only works temporarily. But they smell great! Esp the pink one!

  7. I'm on the fence reagrding thse lipbalms because my lips are constantly dry and chapped because of eczema. I need somethine super moisturizing!

  8. I feel pretty neutral about this lip balm. The scent is nice, but it's not the most moisturizing. :)

  9. I kind of liked that it was thinner, it didn't feel like my lips were super greasy. :)


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