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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Maven Box

Yes, another monthly subscription service I belong to. I really like them. This month's Maven Box from Julep was pretty great selection wise, and even greater because it was free. Due to all of the referral link issues they had they sent subscribers a free month. Not too shabby.

This month I received the It Girl selection consisting of two polishes: Leighton (metallic silver) and Jamie (blue cream) and a tube of Julep Age Defying Hand Brightener.

Julep Leighton

I'm really fond of silver polishes, but this one is pretty standard. It, unfortunately, streaks like no tomorrow and even a few thin coats does little to remedy it. I have two coats on and while it went opaque no problem, it is still pretty streaky. The colour is nice though as it is a touch darker than your average silver.

Julep Jamie

Jamie is described as an ultra saturated dark turquoise, but I would say that it leans closer to blue. In the bottle this just looks like another mid tone blue cream (been there, have 12 polishes just like that) but, it is just that much different. I LOVE this shade and now that I've swatched it and had a good look at it it is more unique than I gave it credit for. I don't think I have any shade that could dupe this.... OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui might be close, but I'm lazy and didn't do a comparison, and I think Jamie is brighter any way, so there.

Do you have a favourite Julep polish shade?
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