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Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: Smashbox Softbox Lip Gloss Collection

"Expensive" lip gloss used to be something I never splurged on. Lets face it, a lot of the higher end glosses are pretty much the same as drugstore brands. There are however, a handful of brands that buck that trend. One brand I've come to enjoy is Smashbox. After trying it, and being rather impressed I thought that I might have to treat my self to a tube. I ended up doing one better than a tube and went with a whole box!

The Softbox collection has four Lip Enhancing glosses and two Limitless Longwear glosses. The Softbox sells for $29 USD while the individual full size glosses go for $18 and $22 each, so this was a great way to try a few colours all at once.

The Lip Enhancing glosses come in three different levels of opacity: Sheer Colour- sheer cover (go figure), True Colour- creamy, light coverage, and Full Colour- saturated colour. This set included two True Colour glosses: Brown Sugar and Glam, and two Sheer Colour glosses: Illume and Afterglow.

Brown Sugar, Glam, Illume, Afterglow

The True Colour glosses are nicely pigmented, not opaque, but a fair pop of colour and they apply smoothly and easily. They are low on the sticky scale, but do have a bit of tack. I find that they last pretty well and don't leave my lips dry.

The Sheer Colour glosses are just that, sheer washes of colour. They are great with lipstick, as they have a bit of stick and make everything stick around longer. They have a bit of shimmer, but nothing outlandish. As you can see, there isn't a huge amount of difference between Illume and Afterglow on the lips, but Afterglow does have a bit more of a peachy glow to it.

The other two glosses in the collection, are Limitless Longwear which "delivers gorgeous colour and shine that lasts up to six hours while protecting your pout with SPF 15"

Infinite and 24/7

Off the top, no these glosses do not last "up to six hours" but they do have a longer wear than your average gloss (about four hours when worn alone, a bit more with lipstick.) I liked that these are not very sticky, but they aren't quite as pigmented as I would have hoped. Infinite is a milky pink nude and 24/7 is a light raspberry (my favourite out of the whole collection.) While they don't live up to their long lasting claim, they do leave my lips feeling great and not dry at all- a downside to most longwear formulas is that they are so drying, so I do think they are worth a try.

Overall, I'd say that this is a great collection of glosses to try. I like the smaller size tubes, as I've never actually finished a full tube of any gloss, and they're super easy to have on the go.

Have you tried Smashbox lip glosses? Which shade/variety do you like?


  1. I like Glam! I think the price is fin, even if they are smaller than the full-size. As you say, it takes a while to finish a lipgloss, so might as well have more colours!

    1. I found a Smashbox Enhancing Gloss Sheer Colour in Pink Sugar on sale for $5 at Winners. I really like the texture and the smell and it makes the lips sexy ;)

  2. Considering I never wear brown or bronzey lip colours, I'm surprised by how much I like the look of Brown Sugar! I also like the look of 24/7. :)

  3. Wow! Love the colours :) That sounds like such a good deal? $29 for 6 lip glosses ^^ They look great on you~ I don't own any smashbox lipglosses but i LOVE their foundation primer :D


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