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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Julep Maven

Another month, another subscription service. The first one to arrive this month is the Julep Maven box. I have to say that I have mixed feelings about this month's in comparison to how great last month's was.

The November "It Girl" contents:
- Designer Julep Makeup Bag with custom charm
- Julep 'Diane' nail polish: a grayed, deep green
- Plumping Lip Gloss in 'Intimacy' a nude with 24k gold shimmer

Julep 'Diane'

You just get a one nail swatch for the time being. I swiped this on fast when I first opened the box. I have found that darker Julep polishes stain like a #%@& if you don't use a base coat. They don't just leave hint of tint but a whole lot of colour. That said, this is a great nail polish shade. It is a deep forest green that is totally opaque in two coats. The first coat is very thin but it builds up on the second coat to deep creamy perfection. On the nail you can't see the 'grayed' element, but you can see it when the polish is on the brush. I only have one other polish that compares to this- China Glaze Holly-Day, but I do know that there are shades like this out there. For reference this is quite a bit darker than Holly-Day.

'Intimacy' Plumping Lipgloss

Initially I didn't read the part on the card where it stated that this was a plumping gloss... it was only when my lips were burning that I clued in. I won't mince words, I do not like this gloss and it will go into the trash. It burns terribly and made my lips look rashy and... well not attractive at all. The shade on the other hand is very nice, a sheer nude with a dose of gold shimmer. The shimmer isn't over the top and the gloss has a sweet strawberry scent, but I'll never use it again.

Julep logo quilted into the makeup bag

Julep logo zipper pull

Inner pockets of bag

The makeup bag was something I was sort of lukewarm about when I got the email showing my items, but now that I have it, I actually like it quite a bit. It is made of a really nice thick black fabric with a sturdy zipper and really heavy zipper pull. The Julep logo is quilted into the outer fabric, and I love the elasticized pouches on the inside as well.

I am going to see what the December selection consists of (maybe some great Christmas goodies?) but I think that will be the end of my Julep journey. The 'club' aspect is neat, but I think I'd rather just choose my own polishes as I want them. What do you think of Julep Maven?

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  1. Aww, I'm sad that you don't like the gloss! I tried to substitute my box for this lipgloss because it looked so lovely.

    I ended up with the Polish Lover box because I'm a total nail polish whore, but thank you for the swatch on the lipgloss at least! And the bag looks cute.


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