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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NOTD: OPI Road House Blues & Essie Shine of the Times

I've been redoing my makeup storage (a work in progress) and have slowly been rearranging my polish collection as well. I think I have a polish problem... I have realized just how many polishes I have that I've only used once (many not at all) and all the combinations I've wanted to try. I originally bought Road House Blues to wear with I Lily Love You, but go figure, never got around to wearing it. I was tempted to go with that combo, but since I recently got Essie's Shine of the Times I opted for that instead. 

OPI Road House Blues

Road House Blues is a deep blue that is part navy part indigo. In person you get more of the indigo undertones than in the photo. To those thinking it ( I did too) no it is not just another deep blue, it has that "something" to it. Blue lovers get it. I don't know when OPI changed their brush... but whoa! The brush on this is big, and flat. It was almost too big for my smaller nails, but it did make applying polish super fast and I got used to it quickly. The formula on RHB is fan-fricken'-tastic, except switch out "fricken'" for the real word. What you see above is, wait for it... one coat! LOVE.

Essie Shine of the Times over OPI Road House Blues

First off, ugh. This was so hard to photograph. I took 57 photos (not kidding) and they all sucked. You get these two and you'll like it. Shine of the Times is my first flakie ( I bought I Lily Love You first, but never used it) and I wasn't even sure what I thought of the effect. I know a lot of nail freaks go bat crap crazy over flakies, but I'm not sold on this look. Over RHB the flakes shift from coppery red, gold, blue and green, the later two in certain lighting only. For the most part the flakes stay in the copper to gold range. I'm just "meh" about the look. I think I'll have to try Shine of the Times (which makes me think of this every time I type it, must listen to On Call and Arizona now) over a lighter colour polish and report back.

What's your take on flakies? Have you tried Shine of the Times (or any of the dupes)?


  1. I think I'm most excited to try Shine of the Times with Essie Matte...I'm an Essie-holic.

  2. I have never tried a flaky yet. I like the finished result, but to be honest, when I saw the first picture I had a different result in mind!

  3. I need that Essie polish ! That's so gorgeous !!


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