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Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter pt. 2- Gumdrop

 As the title suggests, this is part two of my Revlon Colour Burst review, and is really just a stub. To see part one (with full details) see here. If you've already read that, you'll know that there was on last shade that I wanted to pick up: Gumdrop. 

Obviously I found it! It is a pretty lilac shade that is pretty perfect in my opinion.

 Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter Gumdrop

 Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter Gumdrop

 Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter Gumdrop

Top: Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter Gumdrop
Bottom: MAC Lavender Whip
As I mentioned above, Gumdrop is a creamy, pale lilac shade. This butter does have shimmer in it, but it is not detectable on the lip. I posted a comparison of MAC's Lavender Whip because they look almost identical in the tube. Obviously, Lavender Whip is more pigmented than Gumdrop, but it is also a bit darker and has less of a pink lean.

I have been wearing Gumdrop steady since I picked it up. I would say that it is one of my top three out of the eight I have.


  1. I totally thought lavendar whip when I saw this colour. I like it too, you can build it up to get it to look really nice. :)

  2. I *LOVE* the look of this shade! I'm already imagining it with Lilac Pastelle Super Lustrous gloss on top :)


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