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Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Goodies

I wasn't too sure if I was going to do a post like this (is it tacky?) But I'm totally nosy and love to see what everyone else got, so I thought I'd share. I was totally spoiled this year, considering my expensive new camera (I got it in September) was supposed to be my only Christmas gift. But, I do love everything I got. There are some items not shown: new (delightfully huge and fluffy) pillows from my Aunt, large acrylic storage cube (will make it's blog debut soon!), clothes, Origins Perfectly Protected set, fluffy dalmatian mittens and a vintage plum leather Coldwater Creek saddle bag style purse. My mom and I picked out vintage purses for each other. I got her a black leather Coach.

 Jewels of all sorts

Can you tell I like Silver? My mom recently learned how to eBay and went a bit nuts on the jewelry front. She got me (from top) a jangly Indian style bracelet, a round Thai bracelet, a heart shaped bracelet watch (I need to take it to Sheldon, our jeweler to have a few links out), a boulder opal and smoky quartz pendant, multi stone gypsy set earrings, Swarovski crystal bead, and a Celtic spiral pendant. Not shown a tiny little vintage phone charm bead. It's almost too cute.

Some cosmetic goods that found their way home to me: MeMeMe Highlighters in Moonbeam and Sunbeam (supposed to be Benefit dupes) and a foundation I've wanted to try for ages, Bourjois Healthy Mix!

Jessica Simpson Fancy- a vanilla/sweet floral. This is the biggest bottle of perfume I've ever seen! A very cute bottle of CND Stickey (so round!) We'll see if this stands up to my all time favourite base coat: Orly Bonder.

I'll be glowy all winter with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, and the Balm Hot Mama! Blush/Eyeshadow.

Asos Tuck Lock wallet/clutch. I love the blue leather, but I'm not sure how easy this will be to use as it is quite floppy and the clasp is really heavy. Hopefully it works better once it is filled.

And, last but not least:

A Kobo Vox EReader (and pink leather cover)

My Dad and I had two steadfast Christmas traditions that he started... well as long ago as I can remember. Every year he got me a Life Savers book, you know the holiday ones that look like a little book, but they were stuffed with rolls of Life Savers, and an electronic gadget. Oh the items I've collected since childhood: a Grouch boombox (Sesame Street style), wood burning kit (which he deemed too wimpy, so he showed me how to use his huge and alarmingly hot full size version), computers, ipod, playstaion, wii, you name it. This year my mom kept half of that tradition alive- she couldn't find Life Savers anywhere. I've totally gone on a reading spree since I got this. I love it! In the past few days I flew through the Hunger Games trilogy. I am so excited to see how the movies compare. Oh, and the China Glaze polish collection.

I hope everyone had a good holiday with their families/friends, and maybe had someone to spoil them a bit too! Did you get what you wished for?


  1. haha im nosy too! I LOVE seeing what people got for their birthday, xmas etc. You got some pretty amazing xmas goodies ^___^ looking forward to your acrylic storage debut! The jewelry haul is amazing! your mum has great taste in silver jewelry ^^

  2. Santa was good to you! We used to get the lifesavers books too, this year I gave my nieces & nephew the skittles one.

  3. Haha I'm nosy too, so while I don't do these kinds of posts I LOVE reading them. :) Excuse me while I drool over the MeMeMe Highlighers and MAC Soft & Gentle.

  4. I know, totally spoiled :D I'll pass on the compliment to my mom!

  5. Aww skittles! I've never seen those.

  6. glad I'm not the only nosy one! I'll have a review of all the highlighters soon too :D


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