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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Swatches: Zoya Intimate Collection

Recently I undertook what ended up being a huge organization project involving my polish collection. Stashed away, I found the Zoya Intimate Collection that I picked up.... well a while ago. Unlike most nail polish brands Zoya's collections are available in prepackaged sets. What initially drew me to the Intimate Collection was the fact that it looked like it could be a three season collection. The shades cover Spring, Fall, and Winter easily (and fashionably!)

Zoya Dove

I love gray in general and Dove is no exception. Dove is a pale gray cream that applies easily with two coats. The finish is super glossy and shiny even before top coat. This is not the most unique shade, but the formula is spot on. If you don't have a gray in your collection, this one is worth snagging.

Zoya Marley

On first glance, Marley looks like just another pale lavender polish, but it has a little bit of hidden flair. Marley has a touch of pink to it and a kiss of blueish shimmer that really pops in the light. This shade is quintessentially Spring and very pretty. Formula on this was a bit thinner than the others, but still was opaque in two coats.

Zoya Caitlin

Caitlin is one popular shade. I would say that this was the stand out of the collection, and it is highly likely that you've already seen a million swatches. Give or take, of course. Caitlin is a dusty gray-violet love child. I love this colour. Like all the polishes in this collection, the formula was great, and only two coats were necessary.

Zoya Dannii

Okay, I missed the second 'i' when I was editing my photos, I think you'll live. Now that that's settled, Dannii is a vivid pink tinted purple packed with gold and pink shimmer. I love that this has more of a foiled look and applied so easily. No streaking or brush strokes! The formula is a bit thicker with this one, but still easy to apply.

Zoya Gemma

Zoya Gemma

Gemma is one of my favourites out of this collection. On First glance. Gemma just looks like another dusty olive toned green, but it has a hidden glow. Gemma has a good dose of blue-purple duo chrome shimmer that pops in the light. This shade is totally unique to anything I have/seen. Green lovers will want this one for sure.

Zoya Jules

Jules is my favourite shade out of this collection, which is saying a lot, because I quite like every shade. Jules is a taupey champagne shade with a major dose of gold shimmer. Gold polishes are usually not my thing, but this one has a dustiness to it that makes is so much more unique. I love it!

Zoya's Intimate Collection is a hit with me. It isn't all that often that I really like every shade in a collection, but this one just gets it right. Do you have any of the shades from this collection? Which Zoya shade is your fave?

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