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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shadow Round Up: the Greens

I kind of wish every colour had it's own celebration day. Green, obviously has St. Patrick's Day (which I totally thought was yesterday...) so why can't other colours get some love too?

Oh well. I happen to love green, so it's all good. As you can see in the photo above, even my little swatch journal is green too. I use it to keep notes on products as I test them and swatch them. I'd be so lost without it. Today seemed like the perfect day to do a bit of colour inventory, so I went through my stash to see just how many green shadows I have. I did forget to add Urban Decay Bender, which is a really gorgeous shadow. I tend not to buy many individual eyeshadows any more, as palettes are just easier to store and use, so it is easy to forget a shade every now and then.

Wet n Wild "Cool as a Cucumber" Colour Icon Palette
I haven't used this palette in a while, but it does make a nice green look when paired with a neutral highlight shade. There are two greens in this palette, the first being a pale celery green, matte shade. This shade is a touch powdery and not as pigmented as other WnW shadows, but still applies easily. The second shade is a deep green with a slight velvet  finish.

Maybelline EyeStudio "Ivy Icon" Colour Pearls Marbelized Eyeshadow
I have a ton of these shadows, and up until not that long ago never used them. I found there was just too much fall out. Other than they were great. Then I had an "a-ha" moment and tried using them wet. Perfection! The solid side is a slightly dust green shimmer, while the marbleized side is a darker, golden olive shade.

Sula "Why Not?" Natural Creme Shadow
Sula is a Canadian brand that is relatively new to me, but I have gotten a few items and have been trying them out. Their cream shadows, unfortunately don't set, so they are prone to creasing, but a good primer helps them last about 4-6 hours. "Why Not?" is a pale golden toned medium green.

The Balm "Woman, Woman" (from Cast Your Shadow Face Palette)
I've started to notice a trend in which the best green shadows have a golden lean to them. "Woman, Woman" is no exception. This shade is a bit grassier than others, and has a gorgeous sheen.

Wet n Wild "Comfort Zone" Colour Icon Palette
This is becoming one of my favourite palettes. The quality is great and the shades are super wearable. This shade has two green(ish) shades, the first being the true green, a pale grass green and the second being the ish shade, as it leans green in the pan but is more of a sooty deep brown/black with olive shimmer.

Sleek "Storm" Palette
Another great palette, can you tell I really like my palettes? There is a great deep forest like green that lives in Storm. I love to use it in the crease on neutral campaign-ish looks for a bit of interest.

Avon "Celadon" Big Colour Eye Pencil
This is a combo pencil that can be used as liner or shadow. It acutally works best as a smudged liner as it does tend to crease as a shadow. The colour is a medium dusty kelly green.

L'Oreal "Permanent Kaki" Colour Infallible Eyeshadow
If you haven't tried these shadows, put down whatever you're doing and get a few. Now. They're great. Permanent Kaki is a dusty golden olive shade with a gorgeous shimmer.

1. Wet n Wild 'Cool as a Cucumber' 2. Maybelline 'Ivy Icon' Colour Pearls 3. Sula 'Why Not?' Creme Shadow 4. Sleek 'Storm'

1. Avon 'Celadon' Big Color Eye Pencil 2. L'Oreal 'Permanent Kaki' Colour Infallible 5. The Balm 'Woman, Woman' 4. Wet n Wild 'Comfort Zone' 5. Maybelline Eyestudio 'Green With Envy' Quad (not mentioned above... oops)

Do you have a favourite green eye shade that you'll be sporting today?

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  1. Oh I love those Wet n Wild trios! I also have the LOreal Infallible shadow, those are good too! Good green favorites, I think I may do this post too!


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