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Monday, March 5, 2012

Swatched: Nubar Reclaim

Holographics! I must admit that my collection was pretty small... okay nil, up until a few months ago. They are definitely something to behold, but they can be tricky (not to mention pricey) to get your hands on. There were a few holos I kept seeing and decided to seek out. One of which was Nubar Reclaim.

Reclaim is a 'medium holographic green'. This polish is a linear holo, so you get the gradient striping and colour flair. The flair in Reclaim is gorgeous, but I did find that you need to be in good lighting to really get it to shine at it's best. In low light it can look rather flat. The formula of this is perfect and application is as easy as they come. Two coats and you're good. I do find that I get small chips in this rather easily, but it the formula is so great it is easy to do a little touch up without making a mess.

While this is a limited edition, it is still available directly from Nubar (here) for $8. I've also spotted it being sold by other polish e-tailers so it shouldn't be too hard to track down. Do you have this polish? Which Nubar shade is your fave?

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