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Monday, March 5, 2012

Swatches: Julep Anne and Taylor

I was trying to clean up the files on my computer and omg. I have so many photos for posts, that I haven't done yet... it is pathetic. Solution? Project Post-a-Lot. Starting now, I am a full fledged posting machine. I will warn that a lot (A LOT) of posts are going to be nail polish related, so if you aren't a polish type girl you might not be too interested.

Obviously, the first post is not only a polish post, but it's a Julep polish post. Aside from the Maven boxes, I'd never picked out any polishes from their site and ordered independently, but I had a code for a free bottle that I had to use so I got to ordering (such hard work really.) I should say that while the normal price of Julep polishes is a bit outlandish at $14 each, their Mavens do get pretty nice service. Not only is shipping free, Mavens get 20% off, making polishes $11.20. Still not a bargain, but a bit more palatable.

Anne is a gorgeous 'ultra saturated violet' cream. I tend not to be crazy for purples, but this shade is so perfect. It is a brighter tones purple than any polish I have, and more unique than I expected. This shade makes me so happy when I see it on my hand, I can't help but stare. The formula was a bit thick on this, but it still applied well and was fully opaque in one coat, but needed a second to even things out.

Taylor is a 'deep, sky blue cream.' Which is pretty close, it is deep for a sky blue, but this blue has such a brightness to it. It is gorgeous. I really questioned getting this one, as I have quite a few blues (last count was 28) but I can honestly say that this is unlike any blue I have. It is such happy, modern colour. Formulation was just the same as Anne, a bit thick, opaque on one coat, but needs the second for even coverage. One downside, is that this stains like a bitch. Of course, I normally use a base coat, but I did a fast one nail swatch of this and was stuck with smurf nail for a few days. Not just a bit of a blue tint, but a strong blue hue. Just an FYI.

I am super happy with these two polishes and will be sporting them quite frequently through the spring and summer ( I already have Taylor on my toes!) Do you have a fave spring/summer colour?

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  1. Those look nice on you. I am not sure if they would look so good on me.


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