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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April Glossy Box

Subscription services... I love 'em. I've said it way too many times, but I do. I'll admit that I've reached my fill of them, and have canceled my membership with them. Well, most of them. Glossy Box* is the newest one available in Canada, and of course I had to try it.

I signed up in January as soon as the Canadian website was up. I was excited about it, but eventually forgot about it.... until I had a charge on my credit card and realized it was almost March and I hadn't received anything. No package, and not even an email. Long and short of it was that there was a typo in my file and my email address was input wrong, so I didn't get notice of the delay in shipping. I recived my first box last month, but didn't get around to posting it. It was quite a nice selection, btw.

The Glossy Boxes come in classy light pink boxes, lined with black and adorned with the Glossy logo. I know to some this is just another cardboard box, but the quality is very nice. These are sturdy, thick boxes. I've yet to save any of the boxes from my other subscriptions, but I will be saving the Glossy boxes. When you open the box, it is wrapped in black tissue, tied with a dusty pink hued ribbon and sealed with the Glossy logo sticker.

When you peel back the paper, you find a black envelope (not shown) which contains the Glossy menu card/ monthly message and any little extras. This month the extra was a sample of the Marcelle BB Cream. I passed mine on to a friend as I already have the full size product (review here.) I must say, I think I did a little squee when I saw how packed the box was this month. After a glance at the menu I was shocked to find that it contained... are you ready? THREE full size items! Unheard of! 

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer

The first full size item, Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer ($22.99) more than makes up the $15 I paid for the whole box, and is an item I'm quite happy with. While Aveeno is a brand I've used for years, I've never used this product and I've never had an Aveeno product I wasn't happy with.

Elizabeth Grant Golden Angel Bath & Shower Gel

The second full size item, Elizabeth Grant Golden Angel Bath & Shower Gel ($20) was another nice surprise. The Golden Angel shower gel has a soft floral scent with a hint of light citrus notes. Upon first sniff it wasn't for me, but the more I smell it the more I love it. It doesn't matter though, as my mom (who was with me when I opened the box) has deemed it hers. I did spy a review of this month's Glossy Box and saw that some subscribers got an Island Coconut shower gel. I looove coconut (perhaps it's my 1/4 West Indian heritage..) so I was just a tad disappointed. 

 Wella Brilliance Treatment and Conditioner for Fine/Normal Hair

The only sample size items (but still rather generous) are the Wella Brilliance Treatment and Conditioner for Fine/Normal Hair. I have never used any Wella products, but I'm excited to give these a go.

Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara

And, last, but not least, the third full size item, Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara ($12.50.) I'm excited to try this, as waaay back when I was a wee beauty nerd in the making, my mom bought me my very first mascara that happened to be Marcelle. I'll admit it's been a few years since I've used one of their mascaras, but the quality is usually pretty great. This one claims to "...define and separate lashed while minimizing clumps and create maximum lengthening potential for a lash extension look without adding extensions." Humm... we'll see.

Overall, I'm very happy with this month's selection. Do you still subscribe to services like Glossy Box or are you over it?

*Denotes a referral link.


  1. So nice don't have in Malaysia, oh ya check at for giveaway

  2. I just found out this is available in the US as well, dying to get on the list!!!


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