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Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Glymm Box... er, Bag

*NOTE: Since originally posting this I received my credit card statement and was credited the money for my last three boxes, but never got any sort of confirmation or apology from Glymm themselves.  If you subscribe be very diligent when you cancel.*

This is usually where I proclaim my love of subscription services, which is still true, for the most part; but I have little love left for Glymm. I decided I was going to cancel and I did, a few months ago, via the comment form on the Glymm website. I got a link to their end survey, which I completed, and figured that was that. N'uh-uh. I keep getting boxes. I figured one was just a lapse on their end, so I contacted them. I never got a reply. Okay, so that's unprofessional, but they must have gotten the hint? Yes? No. Another box, another charge on my credit card.

Today, I spoke with the fine Mastercard folks and learned you can't block someone from taking a payment without cancelling your card and opening a new account. Huh. The fraud squad did inform me, that since I had canceled in writing, I can open a claim to get refunded (which I did) but Glymm can still contest it and it could take months to sort out. Blergh. Oh, and don't bother calling Glymm offices either. It seems no matter what time you call, all their agents are busy and you end up playing phone tag with their recording, or you get disconnected. I'm so not happy with Glymm. If you subscribe, be very diligent when you try to cancel.

New Glymm Bag

This month's Glymm box was just okay, but it did mark the start of their initiative to reduce the amount of waste by using a makeup bag as their inner packaging instead of another box. It's a neat idea, but if you're a monthly subscriber, it won't take long before you get bogged down in bags. I know mine will be going to a friend, or a friend of a friend or what not.

Cargo High Pigment Pencil 

There was one full size item in the box, a Cargo eyeliner. The colour was not specified in the menu or on the product itself, but it is a deep blue packed with gold, silver and teal glitter. It is quite shimmery (blurred photo for full effect) but it is so hard. It tugged and pulled when I tried to apply it, and the colour was patchy and just not worth fighting with. I'll be tossing mine.

NuMe Hydro Punch Hydrating Conditoner and Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream

I'm excited about both of these products, and they both look they're sizeable enough to get quite a few uses out of. I've got a few Caudalie items on my wish list and the buffing cream sounds like it could be a new favourite.

Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum & Moisturizing Sorbet and Coola Cucumber Face Sunscreen

The Caudalie samples are bonuses this month. The Moisturizing Sorbet is on my wishlist, so I do look forward to getting to try it. I, however, don't think I'll get the suggested 3 uses out of the little packet. I love when samples come in packets that don't seal, but you're supposed to get multiple uses out of. How so you stop it from getting dry and gunky? Anyhow, the other item is a Coola Cucumber Face Sunscreen packet. Also supposed to be good for up to four uses... won't it get gunky too? I'll never know. I hate the scent of cucumber (I don't know if it does have that scent, but I don't want to find out), so I'll send this off to a friend.

CK One Shock for Her and Him

And, last and kind of least.... CK One Shock for Her and Him. I don't like getting men's samples. I don't have a boyfriend and the moment and I don't have a dad (my dad loved cologne.) I'll pass it on to a friend, but still it is kind of a wasted sample. Also, a sample vial? Really? Not too much deluxe here. You can get these wherever perfume is sold. I'm a sucker for the mini bottles though... they're just too cute.

Overall, a blah-zay box. Hopefully it is my last. Do you subscribe to Glymm? Did you get the same items?


  1. I hope you get this sorted out!! :/ <3

  2. That's so messed up :( I'm glad I can just delete my credit card info from Birchbox!

  3. Oh we got the same items!! I know some people got the Cargo Dual Eyeshadow, and an anti-aging serum from Caudalie instead.

    I kind of want to cancel too, hope it goes smoothly.

  4. Wow!! I had no idea that it's so hard to cancel. I was going to's becoming worse and worse. 

  5. Oh, and I got the same bag as you!


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