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Friday, June 15, 2012

Recent Empties II

It's no secret that I love the thrill of a nice haul every now and then, but lately, I've become hooked on a better 'high'... finishing a product. I don't know about you, but there is just something that feels pretty fantastic about the satisfaction of finishing something up. 

YSL Toning & Cleansing Micellar Water and Evian Brumisateur Facial Mist

YSL Toning & Cleansing Micellar Water was a deluxe sample from Sephora, and at 2.5fl.oz/75ml it was quite generous. As a micellar water it was just okay. It didn't really remove mascara that well and it had more of a scent than I would have liked. It was a clean, fresh scent, it was just a little on the strong side. I can't see myself purchasing the full size.

Evian Brumisateur Facial Mist found it's way to me in a subscription box (GlossyBox, I think) but I know I've seen these sold in sets of two, so it isn't exactly sample size. This is quite nice on the face, but I mainly used this as an 'omg it's so hot I'm going to melt' reliever a few weeks ago when we had a sudden hot spell. I just misted it on myself for an instant cooling effect. I like that this has such a fine mister, but I don't like how much is still kicking around in the can when it refuses to spray anymore out. 

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter and Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter was a sad one to see go. It is so moisturizing on dry skin and it smells so wonderfully (vanilla/white chocolate.) I might just have to find another (2 or 3) pots of it on Ebay... If you're in the UK you must try it! 

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion works magically fast. Apply it to a dry, scratchy patch of skin and watch it disappear. This is a travel size tube that came in a subscription box (again, GlossyBox, I think) but I will most likely pick up another, larger bottle. It is great for dry skin emergencies. 

Garneir Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam and Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub

Garnier Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam (review here) has taken me forever to finish. It is quite thick, and takes a fair bit of effort for it to rinse clean. I found it took a lot of work to get it to barely lather (where's the foam?) and overall, was just a meh cleanser for me. I used this as my shower cleanser since it rinsed off better in the shower. Also, this really gunked up in my Clarisonic, and was hard to get cleaned out of the little ridges under the brush.  

Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub is pricey for what it is ($18 if I remember correctly) and I didn't find that it even did much. I kept it by the bathroom sink to remind me to use it, but for the longest time I just couldn't. I tried, but it kept reminding me of when I was a kid and I'd help my dad at the sink after working on a motor or something in the garage or if it was a night he was going out with my mom. He had this industrial orange scrub that made greasy, mechanic like hands sparkle. The little things you miss about people. The Julep scrub doesn't smell nearly as good as I remember my dad's smelling, nor did it make my hands sparkle. I wouldn't buy this one again. I did just get True Blue Spa (Bath and Body Works) 60 Second Hand Scrub though, which looks promising (and smells like lemon sugar!)

Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo and Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo

Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo (review here) was the first dry shampoo I ever used. I initially liked it as it worked okay, was inexpensive and easy to get a hold of, but since then so many more brands have popped up. I found this almost finished can kicking around, so I used it up, even though it stinks terribly. In a pinch I'd use this again, but like I said there are much better varieties. I'm really liking the Marc Anothony 2nd Day something or other... (I picked up at Wal-Mart) and Got 2B Encore Fresh. Both work well and don't leave a white residue.

Salon Grafix Invisble Dry Shampoo is great too. I can't remeber where I picked it up though, and haven't seen it since. It really is invisible, even on dark hair and works quite well without a really noxious scent.  

 Beauty Friends Pomegranate Essence Sheet Mask

I have a little hoard of all sorts of sheet masks (I love them!) but I've been holding onto them and not using them. No point in that at all. I've vowed to start using them up and the first one I used was a Beauty Friends Pomegranate Essence Sheet Mask. It claims to 'deeply moisturize and condition the skin using natural plant extracts that help the skin absorb nutrients' and specific to the pomegranate variety 'Includes pomegranate extracts that help to smooth rough skin and tighten pores.' I'm not sure if it did much for my pores, but it sure did make my skin feel amazingly smooth and soft. I ended up getting every ounce of benefits out of this because I fell asleep with it on...opps. Unfortunately I don't have another of this one as I picked up a Beauty Friends variety pack. 

Another small dent of my stash gone (making room for more, obviously!) Have you finished anything lately?


  1. Oh I'll have to look it up for the Waitrose baby butter! It'S sad I'm not in London right now, I would look it up for you too!

    1. It's amazing stuff and a thank you that you'd look for me! I know a lot of stores in the UK were having a hard time keeping it in stock because everyone had caught onto the stuff.

  2. I love that Aveeno lotion, it sinks in so fast!

    1. It's so good and it lasts for a few days on skin too!

  3. Wow you finished a lot of stuff! I hardly ever finish produts, except makeuo remover! haha

    1. This was almost two months in the making. I'm like that too, but I've forced myself to use one thing at a time so I can finish it. My reward is that I can get something new!


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