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Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: MeMeMe Beat the Blues Highlighters

MeMeMe is a brand I started seeing on British blogs some time ago, but really didn't know much about. While they have a full range of products, it was their little bottles of highlighters and cheek tints that caught my eye. Sound a tad familiar? The MeMeMe offerings are quite similar to Benefit's but for a fraction of the price.

MeMeMe Beat the Blues Moonbeam and Sunbeam Highlighter

MeMeMe Beat the Blues Moonbeam and Sunbeam Highlighter

MeMeMe Beat the Blues Moonbeam and Sunbeam Highlighter

Much like Benefit (well their original lineup) MeMeMe's Beat the Blues Higlighters are available in two offerings: Moonbeam, a cool pink, and Sunbeam, a warm gold.

Both highlighters are shimmery, but in a very refined soft way. There are no evident 'pieces' of anything with these, they just impart a soft glow. The cream itself is super light, essentially weightless, and is super easy to apply. Very cold, but easy.

Yes, the brushes look a bit mangy ( I gave one a bit of a trim, it was so bad) but they're not how you'd ever apply it anyway. If I'm using it as a highlight on the top of my cheeks, I just put a bit on my finger and dab it on. The amount of glow is customizable based on how much you blend it in. You can use this under your foundation (a dab mixed into your moisturizer or primer looks dewy and fresh) or mixed directly into your foundation, or of course you can use it in specific places to highlight.

Care to do a bit of comparison math? I was curious to see how these compared to Benefit from a cost perspective. One of Benefit's offerings will set you back $30 for 0.45oz while one of MeMeMe's is a mere $8 ($8.15 CAD exactly when you convert from British pounds) for 0.40oz.

While I can't say if these are in fact dupes of Benefit's famous highlighters, since I don't have either of them, I am really smitten with MeMeMe's version. They're the perfect amount of glow and friendly on the wallet too. What's not to love? Have you tried these or anything from MeMeMe?

Availability: MeMeMe online, but international shipping is not available. I got mine on eBay.


  1. These are both so pretty, love Moon Beam!:)

    1. I find I use it the most. I just realized it works mixed in under eye concealer for an instant brightening effect!


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