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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coral-ish Blush Party

Oh, the wonders of blush! I never used to be one to wear much blush, and as odd as it is to me now, I only had two blushes when I started this blog. I figured a neutral pink cream blush, and a baby pink powder blush were all I needed... how wrong was I? My blush collection has since expanded and my colour options have as well. The other day, feeling I had been in a blush rut, started to rummage through my collection looking for shades I hadn't worn much. I ended up pulling a few coral-ish shades and decided a little swatchfest was in order.

 L-R Vasanti Blush in Rockies, Annabelle Mono Blush #48 Chestnut, Benefit Bella Bamba, MAC Marine Life High-Lite Powder, the Balm Hot Mama! Blush

 L-R Vasanti Blush in Rockies, Annabelle Mono Blush #48 Chestnut, Benefit Bella Bamba, MAC Marine Life High-Lite Powder, the Balm Hot Mama! Blush

As you can see, not every blush at this party is coral, but most are coral-ish, and all have some similarities once swatched and fit into a similar colour family.  Out of the bunch, the only shade that I've used more than a handful of times is the Balm's Hot Mama, but after getting more acquainted with these lovelies, I know I'll reach for them more often.

L-R Annabelle Mono Blush #48 Chestnut, Vasanti Blush in Rockies, MAC Marine Life, Benefit Bella Bamba, and the Balm Hot Mama

Annabelle #48 Chestnut is the odd one out at this party, it's clearly not a coral, but it does have similarities to it's coral hued friends. I added this one last minute, mainly because I wanted to see what it looked like swatched. I know I've only used this once, but it looked so pretty! It's a semi matte shade, but it's smooth texture makes super easy to apply. The shade is said to be similar to the Balm's Cabana Boy, and is a pinky mauve when sheered out. I plan on getting quite a bit of wear out of this come fall.

Vasanti Blush in Rockies is described as being a 'coral peach with subtle gold and silver highlights' which is pretty accurate. The peach in it makes it more wearable for me, as I find truer corals can end up being too red tone for my liking. The formula of this blush is quite nice as well; the highlight in it is very minimal, but it adds just that little bit of glow to the overall shade.

MAC Marine Life is a blush (well, MAC calls is a highlight powder, but it's got a good dose of pigment and can be worn as blush) that was massively popular when it was released. I blog saled it after the fact, and honestly, I've rarely worn it. It is two colours: the bulk of it s a orange-coral shade, with a baby pink area along the bottom. I find the main shade needs a bit of the pale pink to work on me. If I don't blend them, it looks a bit... off. 

Benefit Bella Bamba is a barely peach tinted pink with pale gold shimmer/sheen. I initially thought that it was a dupe of Vasanti Rockies, but Rockies is brighter, more coral and with less sheen. Out of the bunch so far, this is the most shimmery/glittery blush. It does have super fine glitter in the mix, which I think I could have done without, but it still wears well without entering glitter bomb territory. it gives skin a glowing sheen that is quite pretty.

the Balm Hot Mama is a peachy pink with golden shimmer, giving it a rosey gold sheen. I absolutely love this blush! It is mainly a blush, but it can be used as a highlight when worn sheer, or as an eyeshadow. Like every Balm product I've used, it's texture is buttery smooth, super pigmented, and the sheen is very refined. I love that this blush gives a nice amount of both colour and glow in one sweep. 

Do you have a fave coral-ish blush? Do share!

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  1. Last Spring, I noticed I hadn't too many option blush-wise! But now it's ok! I love Coral Reef, it was by Annabelle a few years ago! And also Blushing Coral by FashionistA.


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