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Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Finishing Powder and Jumbo Powder Brush

I think there are basically two kinds of people: those who hate their pores and those lucky enough to never have to think about their pores. I happen to fall into the first group. I have large pores and put the effort into my skincare routine to try and keep them managed. Of course a little cosmetic help is never turned down either, which is why I decided I had to try It Cosmetics' Bye Bye Pores HD Finishing Powder.

"Bye Bye Pores HD Micro Finishing Powder is the perfect setting powder and all over face finishing powder. This powder is infused with hydro collagen to smooth lines, luxurious silk for a poreless finish, and vitamin K to help reduce discoloration. It also contains anti-aging anti-oxidants Vitamins A, C, and E to help ward off free radicals throughout the day. This translucent formula works on most skin tones. Talc, paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, and phthalate free. Hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic." - product webpage

Bye Bye Pores is a finely milled loose powder that is incredibly smooth. So, most powders are smooth, but this is super silky. I've found you only need the smallest amount to get the most of the product. As you can see in the swatch where I tripled up (on the right side) it gets a bit dry looking when too much is applied. Not a look you want on your face. When you don't overdo it, the results are pretty amazing. I find that by the time I have my makeup on my pores already look better, so I tried this on bare skin and I was amazed at the difference this powder made. My pores actually looked smaller!

This powder is pretty great! I love that it basically disappears onto my skin and doesn't leave a completely matte finish. The fact that it is loose does make it easy to apply too much, so I like to put a tiny bit on my brush (more on that in a second) and use the lid to swirl it on then apply.

It Cosmetics Jumbo Powder Brush

It Cosmetics Jumbo Powder Brush vs Real Techniques Powder Brush

"The ultra-luxe mega brush features a jumbo soft-touch rubberized handle that's easy to use and feels good to grip. The high hair count and extra length handle make for an ultra-luxurious experience." -product webpage

The It Cosmetics Powder Brush is indeed nothing short of massive. You can pretty much powder your whole face with one small swipe. The brush, aside from being huge, is full and super soft. If I could underline that a few more times I would, it's that soft. The handle is, they call it 'soft-touch rubber' -for reference it feels like a NARS compact. I thought it would collect lint, hair, powder and the like but it is softer to the touch and nothing seems to stick to it. I like to use this brush for my powder and to ensure my other powder products (blush, bronzer, highlighter) are blended out.

Overall, these are two products I'm enjoying. I bought a these products as part of a bundle from The Shopping Channel (Canada's home shopping extraordinaire) and got a super deal, so if you're interested in the brand, I suggest waiting until it's featured again. It is also available from QVC, and usually they have similar bundles with great savings. Have you tried either of these products? What did you think?

Availability: It Cosmetics, The Shopping Channel, and QVC. Bye Bye Pores, 4.25g (14 g shown) $24, Jumbo Powder Brush, $58

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