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Monday, October 1, 2012

NOTD: Blood and Gold

This morning I woke up with two colours on my mind: blood red and gold. I knew immediately which polishes would fit the bill as well, Revlon Valentine and NYX Girls Buzz Worthy.

Revlon Valentine is quite possibly the oldest polish I have (and the most used.) I don't wear a lot of red polish, but I love it for Fall and I love deeper, vampy reds. Valentine is a cream polish, but has an almost jelly like finish.  NYX Girls Buzz Worthy is one of the few golds I have in my collection, but it is a really pretty gold, as it is a bit softer in tone and not so yellow. It is a very fine glitter that works over another colour with one coat, or as an opaque shade with three (as I've used it.)

There was an interesting show that accompanied this NOTD, me wandering about the house, nail polish in one hand camera in the other trying to find the best light. You see, Valentine is a tricky one to photograph. Use flash and it reads far too bright and you can see nail line (where none is present in person.) I ended up smooshed up against a window, with the flash turned off, when I had the bright idea to actually go outside. I know some polish bloggers only use natural light for photos, but I use whatever works at the time. This time, natural light won.The colour accuracy is close to 100%, but Valentine is a touch darker/deeper in person.

I'm quite pleased with my colour combo! What are you wearing on your nails this fine Monday?

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