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Thursday, October 25, 2012

NYX Girls Lapis and Golden Lavender Nail Polish

I was so excited about the deep vampy reds and jewel tones of Autumn and have been wearing them since late August, but I'm starting to crave paler tones. I don't always follow polish 'rules' and (I'm currently sporting a pale gray) so when I saw these little bottles of colour I had to bring them home with me.

 NYX Girls Lapis and Golden Lavender

NYX Lapis and Golden Lavender

I don't know if it's the bottle shape or the thickness of the glass, but there is something about the NYX Girls polish that makes all the shades look super creamy and perfect in the bottle. Anyone know what I mean? I kind of want to try them all, and at $2.25 a bottle (here, anyway) I just might.

If you have yet to try a NYX Girls polish (they also have a Salon formula) they are a great quality polish. The bottles are made of heavy glass for their size, and have a great brush. It is your basic brush (as opposed to the wider style) but it does the job quite well. They have a huge range of shades- 144 to be exact, tons of creams, unique glitter top coats, metallics and even a few treatments. 

NYX Girls Lapis Nail Polish

Lapis is a mid toned blue cream with a slightly cornflower blue hue. This is a gorgeous blue! I very well could already have a dupe (or two) of this but I love it so much I don't even mind. I love this type of shade for the winter months, and I know I'll wear this one quite often. The forumla is great, a nice, even consistency. Two coats shown.

 NYX Girls Golden Lavender 

Golden Lavender is a mid toned pinky purple with golden micro shimmer. The shimmer is light enough that the polish is still clearly purple, but looks lit from within, with a golden glow. I can't say that I have any polishes similar to this one... The formula is a bit thin, but it still builds up to opaque in three easy quotes.

I'm quite happy with these polishes! Do you have a favourite NYX Girls shade? 

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