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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review: La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

Yesterday, we chatted about La Roche Posay's Targeted Breakout Cream, so today it only seems fitting that we continue on the La Roche train and follow up with another product I'm quite fond of (I'm on my second tube already!) La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo.


While the Effaclar Duo is formulated to fight both acne and clogged pores, I find it's best use- and my main reason for sticking with it, is it's pore abilities. Anyone with larger pores, or pores that tend be blackhead prone, know how hard it can be to manage them and that a lot of products make big promises and don't live up to them. I realized within a few weeks of use that this product was not only working to unclog my pores, it seemed to be making my pores look smaller. To maintain decent looking pores, I usually use some sort of scrub (it's always changing, but I am quite partial to Avon's Clearskin Pore Penetrating Scrub) a couple times a week and follow up with manually with a blackhead remover. If you have blackheads you need one; they're usually stainless steel and have a flat paddle type end for blackheads and a loop type end for *shudders* whiteheads. Anyhow...

The product has a light lotion like consistency that smooths onto skin absorbs quickly. I don't use this over my whole face, as I don't need it everywhere. I apply it over my nose and upper cheeks and the lower part of my chin/neck area. The thin consistency, makes a little bit go a long way, as well. No complaints there. I love that it works on keeping my pores in line and helps prevent breakouts in my problem area all at the same time! While it does absorb quickly, I like to give it a minute or two to really sink in before I continue on with my routine. Better than the fact that it works, it's the fact that it doesn't dry my skin out! A lot of acne products are formulated for oily skin, and contain acid or peroxide which can be hard on skin, but La Roche Posay's formulas are gentle, and actually make your skin feel smoother. Blemish free and smoother? What's not to love about that?

Overall, I ended up loving this product much more than I expected when I first picked it up. La Roche Posay was a brand I never really paid much attention to, assuming it was mostly geared towards a more mature demographic, but I've had such great experiences with them that I'll be much more likely to trying more. Have you tried this product? What did you think? Which La Roche Posay products have you used?

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